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  • eMarketer

    Brand Safety Issues Are Widespread

    New research from GumGum and Digiday reveals that more than two-thirds of US marketers polled in November 2017 said their brands—or brands they worked with—had been exposed to a brand safety issue at least once.

  • Forbes

    Do AI's Rewards Outweigh its Risks ?

    A large part of AI work involves pattern recognition, anomaly detection and the ability to sort queries into large batches of data -- all of which require automation.

    By Ben Plomion
  • Adweek

    7 Ways Technology Will Strengthen and Streamline Advertising in 2018

    In 2018, we’ll see AI as a way to amplify human ability, not a substitute for it, says Kristina Goldberg, vp of programmatic for Spark Foundry.

    By Ben Plomion
  • Techcrunch

    How video game tech makes neural networks possible

    When id Software’s John Carmack released Doom in 1993, he had no inkling that his gory first-person shooter — one of the first to feature a 3D environment, and easily the most popular at that time — would help spark a revolution in how machines process information.

    By Ophir Tanz
  • PC

    GumGum's Ophir Tanz on Bad Ads and Good AI

    Ophir Tanz, CEO and Founder of GumGum, a firm that started off as a computer-vision company and is quickly becoming a full-stack vertical-AI solution company.

  • Huffpost

    Brand Safety Problems are Symptoms of a Bigger Issue

    Brand managers have a handful of tools to ensure brand safety: blacklists, whitelists, and even third-party verification to screen placements.

    By Phil Schraeder
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    it's an AI world You've probably heard: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of marketing. But it's not just the future—most marketers already use AI everyday.

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