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Top Tips to Increase Your ROI in 2023 & Beyond

With the loss of the cookie, an impending recession and the rapid growth of digital environments like Connected TV (CTV) and In-Game Advertising, marketers are pivoting their ad dollars, rethinking their strategies and trying to hone in on the best ways to maximize campaign success in the years to come. With so much to figure out, CES 2023 could not have come at a better time!

An Introduction to CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) that supports the companies that create consumer and business technologies around the world. Attended by the biggest global brands, CES empowers top marketing leaders and global innovators to highlight the latest in digital health, food tech, automotive tech, NFTs, gaming, smart home and much more. This year, CES was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from Tuesday Jan 3 to Sunday Jan 8 and was attended by 3200 exhibitors representing 173 countries, territories and regions. 

We attended CES to showcase GumGum’s new advertising platform, The Mindset MatrixTM and highlight our partnerships in the Connected (TV) and In-Game space to deliver ad solutions that will help brands maximize their return on ad spend and future-proof their marketing efforts in existing and new, emerging environments. Plus, CES was the perfect place to connect with CTA companies, tech vendors, distributors and retailers to problem solve and plan for the future of digital advertising. 

Be in the Moment

With cookies phasing out, gone are the days where advertisers could rely on tracking past consumer behavior to inform their present marketing strategies. Plus, with consumers rightfully demanding more privacy, it was only a matter of time before marketers had to find a more sustainable and future-proof way to reach consumers.

Keeping with that focus, GumGum’s theme at CES was to Be in the Moment and empower advertisers to target the right audiences in the right moment, without the use of any personal data. GumGum’s programming included an exclusive suite at the Aria Hotel that was centered around the best ways to harness the power of consumer mindset to capture attention and garner campaign success. 

A Look Inside the Mindset Suite

Illustration of GumGum’s Mindset Suite
GumGum’s Mindset Suite Programming

Top Ways to Increase ROI in 2023

With the recession top of mind and the inevitable slashing of advertising budgets, GumGum’s key messaging was focused on providing the best solutions to increase ROI in 2023 and beyond: How can marketers maximize the return on investment for each ad dollar they spend and increase their future success?

1. Harness the Power of Consumer Mindset

Audience tracking is on the decline, privacy is ramping up and the new generation of digital natives are consuming content over multiple screens, all at the same time. The question now is, how do we bring digital advertising to these future generations to grab their attention?

A new study by MAGNA Media Trials revealed that brands must move beyond basic demographics and metadata and tap into people’s mindset. In fact, mindset plays the biggest role in driving action; 61% of impact on search intent is driven by an individual being in the mood for the brand's message.

No two days or moments look alike. Yet advertising today follows us around the internet leveraging these past behaviors instead of meeting us in our current mindset. This is where GumGum’s new advertising framework, The Mindset MatrixTM comes in. The Mindset MatrixTM is GumGum’s blueprint for how consumers, advertisers and publishers will win in this next era of digital.

Illustration of the Mindset Matrix

The Mindset MatrixTM combines contextual understanding, dynamic ad creatives and attention measurement and optimization to truly understand the mindset of people online and drive meaningful advertising outcomes without the need for personal data.

2. Invest in New Emerging Environments like In-Game, CTV and OTT

GumGum’s In-Game Advertising Solutions

The emergence of new immersive environments like In-Game is an exciting opportunity for marketers to connect with new, diverse audiences. Fun fact: There are more than three billion gamers spending upwards of six hours in virtual environments all over the world. That is one engaged audience! 

Marketers should develop strategies to leverage their highly engaged audience by seamlessly integrating brand messaging with online games. Plus, early adopters will get the added benefit of an uncluttered media landscape and thus, vast and unprecedented scale to inspire the next generation of consumers.

GumGum has partnered with Frameplay to serve intrinsic in-game ads that will give brands access to a growing consumer base across mobile and desktop. And these ads work! 

GumGum x Frameplay’s recent in-game campaign significantly increased ad recall for the Johnsonville brand with a 13.7 point lift against “Like to purchase Johnsonville Sausage.” These results surpassed the industry benchmark, helping Johnsonville achieve their campaign goals and proving the untapped potential of in-game advertising for the future.

GumGum’s CTV Advertising Solutions

As we move into 2023, CTV will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. In fact, CTV spending rose 57% last year to $15.2 billion and is projected to more than double over the next few years. 

GumGum’s recent study with MAGNA Media Trials proved that overlay ads are more effective on CTV over traditional video ads. CTV overlay ads were 4X more memorable than video ads and drove 72% more savings for advertisers. 

GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, Verity™ is the first to receive an accreditation from the MRC for content-level analysis for brand safety, suitability, and contextual analysis within CTV environments. With GumGum’s CTV solutions, advertisers can be sure that their ads will remain protected from harmful content.

3. Leverage Attention Metrics to Measure Campaign Success

It’s no longer enough to put the right ad in front of the right person at the right time. People see up to 10,000 ads a day across multiple screens, giving them the option to pay no attention to ads at all. In order to know if an ad and environment truly resonates with a person, measuring which ads caught their attention is critical to understanding which environments and ad creatives drive outcomes. 

Optimize campaign performance and understand the true impact of your marketing efforts through GumGum’s integration with Playground XYZ’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP). This platform, which measures attention time without requiring the use of the cookie, will be available on all of GumGum’s formats in 2023.

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