Optimize Ad Relevance with Attention

GumGum’s attention offering is an incredibly powerful, real-time measure of ad and consumer relevance.

Powered by Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP), “Attention Time” (how long, in seconds, your ad is looked at) provides valuable insights to optimize campaigns for effectiveness across all major KPIs.

What is Attention Measurement?

The definition of “attention,” recently set by the IAB UK is,  “Attention is a consumer looking at or listening to an ad at the time they were exposed to it. A typical base measure for attention is time, and attention measures can be used in different media contexts such as video or audio”.

Drive Ad Success with Attention Metrics

Optimized Ad Delivery:

Target consumers where they are most attentive, ensuring maximum performance and ad relevance for your brand.

Deeper Reporting & Insights:

Gain access to crucial data on a variety of aspects including creative, high attention contexts and more.

GumGum Specific Models:

Measure ad effectiveness with precision against each of our high impact formats to drive campaign performance.

The Power of Attention + Context:

Identify contextual categories securing the highest levels of attention for increased optimization opportunities.


The Mindset Index™:

A Unique Contextual + Attention Insight

GumGum’s Mindset Index™ is a powerful, first-of-its-kind metric that provides a holistic action-driven insight on a brand’s campaign to understand better which content categories capture the most audience focus.

With the advertising industry at a pivotal crossroads, GumGum’s Mindset Index™ emerges as an essential tool to help brands:

Top Benefits:
  • Find New Audiences and Innovate with a Differentiated Strategy: Uncover untapped audience segments interested in your brand message without the use of cookies.
  • Pinpoint Audience Focus and Engagement: Learn where your brand message resonates most with audiences across the content they consume.
  • Elevate Creative Strategies: Use newfound content category insights to fuel creative strategies and maximize outcomes.

Attention in Action

For the first time ever, GumGum’s contextual expertise combined with Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) to optimize and present ad messaging within content that delivered the most attention.

This game-changing solution achieved outstanding results for a Domino’s campaign:

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What is attention measurement advertising?

Attention measurement refers to the process of quantifying the amount of time and focus an individual gives to a particular advertisement or piece of content. Attention is a consumer looking at or listening to an ad at the time they were exposed to it. A typical base measure for attention is time, and attention measures can be used in different media contexts such as video or audio.

Why is attention measurement important for advertisers?

Measuring attention analytics helps advertisers optimize ad delivery to places where consumer attention is highest. Plus, it presents a wealth of opportunities to optimize campaign results, amplify brand lift, increase creative testing and help lower carbon emissions from ad creation.

How does attention span measurement work?

There are many different methodologies of attention measurement being employed across the industry. The first is gaze-based methodologies which focus on having an element of real, human eye-gaze data to track attention.  

The second group are non-gaze based methodologies that rely on other metrics - often referred to as proxy metrics for being used in place of actual attention - and historical data or norms, to extrapolate an estimation of attention paid to an ad.

How can I activate using attention measurement today?

Attention measurement is part of our GumGum media offering and is an added value solution for a client to measure and optimize ad effectiveness across every single impression. Additionally, clients can use the Attention Intelligence Platform’s comprehensive suite to measure attention across a variety of digital channels.

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