GumGum Places Ads in the Moments That Matter

Grab people's attention by reaching them when they are in the right frame of mind, without the use of personal data.

Get Certified in
‚ÄćContextual Advertising

Get started today with GumGum University’s free certification course, which will give you a foundational understanding of Contextual Advertising.

The Blueprint for the Future of Advertising

Introducing The Mindset Matrix‚ĄĘ

Contextual understanding based on all available signals including text, images, audio and video.

Dynamic ad creatives that captivate attention.

Measure attention and optimize campaigns in real time.

We Drive Value for our Partners

Meet People In the Right Moment

Don't waste time delivering an ad based on past digital footprints. Meet people in their current moment by delivering the right ad, in the right environment, when they want it most.

Man views a Mini Cooper advertisement
Woman views a Sephora advertisement

Monetize Audiences In The Right Frame of Mind

GumGum empowers publishers to unlock revenue potential with its accredited contextual technology and data.

Lead The Industry With Us

At GumGum, we are thoughtful, agile and gritty. We work hard for our clients and passionately support our communities and the world around us.

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