We are an appliedcomputer vision company

We teach machines to see in order to solve hard problems across a variety of industries.

OurAi technology
  • Brand: Nike
    Logo detection
  • Person: Adult Female
    Face detection
  • Car: Ford Mustang
    Object detection

  • Logo detection
  • Face detection
  • Object detection

How we apply it

Use our machine learning technology to add value to the images and videos that are most relevant to you and your industry.


    We serve contextual marketing messages in line with content users are actively engaged with.


    We help marketers and rights holders understand the full media value of their sponsorship investments across broadcast and social media.


    We analyze visual content across social media in
    real time.

Some ofour clients

Ai Meets Marketing

With all the advancements in artificial intelligence, it’s not just important to be knowledgeable about the many ways it can be utilized, it’s also crucial to be aware of the ways you might be using it already—without knowing it.

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