Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at GumGum

At GumGum, we are wholeheartedly passionate about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB). We firmly believe that when each individual one of us is given the opportunity to explore, the freedom to learn and the means to succeed, we all grow together.

photo of the GumGum team at a food drive in los angeles

Our Story

GumGum is global and so are our people. Our success is driven by the diverse and unique voices and different perspectives of GumGummers from different backgrounds, ethnicities and countries all over the world.

We’re constantly aspiring to be a place where everyone can bring their true, authentic selves to work and help us not only change the digital advertising industry, but also improve the world in the process. And that starts with our Leadership team, which is led by an empathetic and kind CEO who is also an openly gay man who brings the full tenor of his personality to work every single day.

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What is DEIB?


Welcoming all the ways that we are different from race, gender, ethnicities, sexual orientations to different experiences, personalities, and talents.


Leveling the playing field to ensure everyone is empowered to succeed through equality of opportunity, business practices, and policies.


Building an inclusive workplace where all candidates and team members feel heard and valued and is the foundation upon which we built all of our diversity efforts.


Fostering a psychologically safe and positive environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported to bring their whole, authentic selves to work through our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Phil Schraeder

At GumGum, we believe in cultivating an environment where our team members can bring their authentic, whole selves to work. We are committed to building and delivering a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce that is representative of the world around us.

CEO, GumGum

We All Belong at GumGum

GumGum is global and so are our people. Our success is driven by the diverse voices, unique ideas and different perspectives of GumGummers from different backgrounds, ethnicities and countries all over the world.

We enable a culture for everyone to be who they are. At GumGum, employees are not cogs in the wheel only meant to generate revenue: We are true members of a culture that allows us to grow and feel nurtured, and most importantly, be heard and valued.

Fostering Inclusivity & Allyship

And like many tech companies, GumGum still has a lot of work to do in regard to diversity and equity. We are actively working towards ensuring that our company truly reflects the true breadth of diversity and experiences that make up the world. Championed by our Leadership team, we are encouraged to share in each other’s experiences, foster allyship and provide ongoing feedback to our Leaders on how to continue to make strides that not only create a more equitable workplace, but also industry and world.


In order to advance our DEIB efforts, we partnered with professionally certified Executive Coach, founder of Merging Path Coaching, and DEIB strategic advisor, Brooks E. Scott, to lead management training and foster interpersonal communication with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Ongoing Education

To ensure that all of us practice and promote equity and inclusion in each and every aspect of GumGum life, we provide ongoing education and support training to understand our unconscious biases so we can become better students and correctors of our own behavior.

Inclusive Hiring

At GumGum, we want you to feel seen, heard and valued throughout the interview process and train our hiring managers to ensure that leaders have a new and mindful perspective on creating inclusion in their hiring processes.

Introducing the VOICE Coalition

(Values, Opportunity, Inclusivity, Culture & Equity)

GumGum launched the  VOICE Coalition in 2021 with a mission to build an equitable, supportive, and inclusive culture where all voices are heard and all differences are celebrated through thoughtful, engaging, and authentic programming and community involvement.

Through the work of the VOICE, People Experience and Operations teams, we’ve organized around 130 different events since 2021 spanning from listening circles in response to social injustices, to cultural classes and marching as a company alongside our CEO at LA Pride and Amsterdam Pride.

Hear it from the Team

"From the moment I joined GumGum, I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt that my progression was closely considered and respected. Since then, I have been given the license to build and fine-tune my skills for my desired development. I feel that since I joined GumGum I have become a better professional within this industry and bring great value to my clients."

Kamran Vahabi
Publisher Development, UK

"Joining the VOICE coalition (where we regularly meet to discuss diversity, inclusivity, and mental health initiatives) offered me the opportunity to not only share my own story to perpetuate the importance of neurodiversity in companies but find a genuine sense of community. Defined by kindness and encouraging individuality, GumGum has opened the door for creative solutions, out of the box thinking, and for individuals who thrive in positive environments - like me - to feel truly fulfilled and happy with work. I believe in the company, the good of people propelling it, and that GumGum believes in the capabilities and character of me. This shared sense of trust and respect is why I love that I belong here at GumGum."

Corey Fleming
Growth - Pre-Sales, US

"For me, the word ‘belongingness’ is all about people, regardless of their job titles, gender and everything else that our society labels as ‘difference’. From my very first day I felt kindness and respect from everyone. This is important, because it sets the tone of the company culture. GumGummers work hard and know how to have fun. We are offered many opportunities to e-meet or meet in person and share stories with each other. Yes, we are building our careers in the ad tech industry. But we are also building a beautiful life experience together."

France Jie Lin
Creative Services, Netherlands

"As a first-generation Latina in AdTech, I have struggled for many years to acknowledge that I too belong at the table. At GumGum, I do not doubt that I do. Not only does GumGum provide a safe space for team members to share their voice and opinions, it celebrates and embraces our different heritages, backgrounds and unique life experiences. That is truly something special! For the first time, I have found a genuine community that celebrates me and educates others through thoughtful and engaging programming.  I've attended in person HOLA meetups, educational sessions, inspirations sessions and more that even make me more proud to identify as Hispanic/Latina. GumGum allows me to show up every day as my true and authentic self and actively hears my voice and accepts it with open arms. I feel at home at GumGum."

Leticia Ortiz-Morazon
People Ops, US

"I value all the initiatives from GumGum that allow us to participate in any social and cultural activity in an inclusive environment where you can be heard and be recognized for your achievements. It also allows me to know more about my colleagues and be part of an authentic community that looks after each other and learn about different backgrounds from people around the globe.

The autonomy and trust that my team has given me to do my job every day has been very important to have a great work-life balance. The continuing learning opportunities through different webinars, conferences, and events is something I really value for my career development and growth, especially in a rapidly evolving industry."

Iván Irazabal
Publisher Development, Mexico

Life at GumGum

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it like to work at GumGum?

Great question! Check out our Careers page to hear directly from the team and learn more about our program offerings and benefits!

Do you hire entry-level positions? If not, is there an internship program?

We do hire entry-level positions, but we can do better! We’re looking to open more entry level tech and engineering roles in 2023. If you’re not seeing any entry-level positions currently, please check back soon! And know that we’re working to ensure we have more opportunities for young professionals and those looking to pivot into tech. We do not currently have an internship program at GumGum, but look out for entry-level roles that require minimal-to-no experience – we’ll provide you with the training and resources to learn and be successful.

Do I need a college degree to apply for a role?

No – at GumGum we know that college or university degree requirements can, and do, increase inequality and inequity. Rather, we believe that soft skills, experience and curiosity are tools for a successful career at GumGum!

What’s the interview process like?

Check out our Interview guide to learn more about our interview process – from connecting with our Talent Partners to your first day onboarding.

Are you hiring remotely?

YES! We value the work-from-anywhere mentality at GumGum and want to give you the freedom to work where you work best! We offer GumGummers the option to work from home, but if you do miss an in-office culture, we’re providing global coworking memberships and also host monthly Connect programming to bring our teams together! And more, if you do prefer going into an office, keep an eye out as we’ll be opening new office locations built around sustainability (what we’re calling our Greenhouses & Farmhouses) in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Amsterdam and London (and our new office just opened in Australia). All office space is optional to work from!