Grow Your Audience With Connected TV Advertising

Expand your brand message to the right people in the right mindset on every screen with increased contextual accuracy and brand safety.

Powered by Verity™, GumGum’s accredited contextual intelligence platform, our CTV solutions go beyond basic demographic and channel targeting ensuring your message is amplified in the best performing environment.

What is CTV Advertising?

A Connected TV (CTV) is any television device that is used to stream video content over the internet, such as television shows and movies. Ads placed within this content are termed “CTV Advertising.”

CTV has rapidly become a powerhouse platform to reach audiences. 98% of U.S. households own a CTV device and 66% of advertisers increased their CTV budgets last year. By 2027, CTV ad spend will reach a whopping $42.5 billion.

Now is the time to build and execute successful CTV campaigns to accelerate your KPIs and achieve growth for your business.

Why CTV Advertising with GumGum?

CTV is Growing
Tap into an Engaged Audience

There are currently 230 million connected TV users which translates to 2 out of every 3 people in the U.S. is a user, and this number will continue to rise in the coming years.

Extend Your Reach
Expand Your GumGum Campaigns

GumGum’s CTV solutions allow you to reach CTV/OTT audiences as an extension of your current campaign allowing for seamless activation and extended reach.

Contextual Targeting
Reach People in the Right Moment

Through Verity™, GumGum’s proprietary and accredited contextual intelligence platform, our CTV solutions run your ads in contextually relevant environments by understanding the context.

Brand Safe & Suitable
Protect Your Brand

Feel confident in running your campaigns in brand safe and suitable CTV inventory. Verity™ analyzes at the content-level, which helps ensure contextual accuracy and suitability for targeting.

Ramp Up Your Advertising
with Our CTV Solutions

Verity™ Video PMP

Leverage Verity™ to access video-level transparency in connected TV & online video for contextual targeting & brand suitability.

Get more accuracy and less wasted impressions by targeting at the video-level and greater scale across premium environments all while ensuring suitability & safety for your brand.



A non-intrusive overlay ad integrated into the TV experience that captures a viewer’s attention when they are the most engaged - while watching content.

Using Verity™, In-Video offers a solution that runs ads in contextually relevant environments by understanding the context scene by scene.

Furthermore, GumGum can take a traditional display asset or a video asset to create our animated In-Video unit allowing you to reach CTV audiences as an extension of a campaign.

Video Series: How to Get Ahead in Connected TV Advertising

Watch GumGum's free video series to find the top tips for audience targeting, as well as learn how to ensure brand safety and pick the right CTV partner to meet and exceed your business goals.

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What is Connected TV advertising?

Connected TV (CTV) is any television device that is used to stream video content over the internet - for example, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick etc. The ads that play within video content on these devices are Connected TV ads.

How does Connected TV advertising differ from Linear TV advertising?

The main difference between linear tv advertising vs. connected tv is that CTV includes any ad that plays before or after the streaming of content on connected TV devices, whereas linear TV ads are delivered during the commercial breaks of traditional TV programming.

What are the main benefits of Connected TV Advertising?

CTV advertising allows advertisers to reach highly targeted, potentially niche audiences and provides access to detailed reporting and metrics. Since CTV advertising is hosted digitally, advertisers can see instant results at any time - with comprehensive data for ad spend and outcome.

How does Connected TV advertising work?

CTV advertising works by choosing the platform you want to promote your products and services. You can then select an ad type for your campaign, like a video or display ad. Next, you can use advanced audience targeting features to ensure your marketing messages reach your target audience. And lastly, you can track and measure the results of your CTV advertising campaign to optimize your strategy for the best results.

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