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Leverage Verity™, our contextual intelligence platform, that is accredited by the MRC for content-level analysis across CTV, desktop and mobile web environments for contextual targeting, brand safety and suitability.

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High Impact Display & Video Ads

Place beautiful ads where your consumers are most likely to see them - In images, videos and other highly visible placements. All formats are designed to enhance the user experience and are CBA compliant.

Target Contextually and Expand Your
Reach with Verity™

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Verity™ is the only contextual intelligence solution to analyze video, audio, imagery and text to ensure true contextual relevance and brand safety on any screen*.

Our proven contextual technology places your advertising in relevant, premium environments while preserving brand safety and campaign reach. Our contextual solution includes Keywords, Categories, Threats/Page Safety and Sentiment.

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Verity™'s technology scans digital content to determine where to effectively place ads online. It relies on context, instead of third-party data that tracks consumer behavior through cookies. This protects consumers and ensures that all our contextually-driven campaigns abide by changing privacy regulations and guarantee brand safety.

*To analyze videos, we must have access to the video URL. Thus, if the publisher isn’t able to provide us with this access, we’ll only be able to process the text and images on a webpage.

GumGum's Contextual is Tested and Proven by Third-Party Research

To prove the power of GumGum's contextual intelligence, we put it through independent, third-party testing across many variables including viewability, memory recall, cost effectiveness and consumer attention.

In a MAGNA Media Trials Study, GumGum led in key categories vs. the competition including:

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Brand Favorability
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Recommendation Intent
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Publisher Partners

Connect your brand to trusted and quality publishers in every category.

Global reach
Comscore 1000 sites
Monthly impressions
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June 4, 2024

GumGum’s CTV Unit Captures More Attention than Standard Ad Breaks

Our CTV overlay unit, In-Video, beat ad fatigue to engage consumers, offering a new innovative solution to brands.

GumGum Drives Results for Advertisers

GumGum's contextual targeting has proven to be extremely effective for advertisers:

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GumGum's contextual ads are 69% more accurate
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There is 48% lower CPC compared to behavior ads
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Verity™ delivers 1.5X higher ROAS than the industry benchmark
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