Together with Frameplay, GumGum was able to drive significant ad recall for OH HENRY! chocolate by Hershey

Intrinsic In-Game
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Hershey looked to GumGum and Frameplay to help drive reach and purchase intent of their iconic OH HENRY! candy bar through Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game advertising.

Illustration of GumGum x JW Player Methodology

Methodology & Strategy

As a result of our partnership with Frameplay, GumGum is now able to offer our clients the opportunity to tap into a highly engaged gaming audience via an extensive network of premium games with Frameplay. Together with GumGum, Frameplay served the OH HENRY! brand high-impact creative seamlessly within premium sports, simulation, racing and casual games. GumGum and Frameplay utilized Comscore to measure overall campaign performance through a brand lift study.

Performance & Results

The campaign for the OH HENRY! candy bar outperformed the industry benchmarks and proved to be more engaging and compelling to the target audiences.

+ 15.9 pts
Mobile Ad Recall
+ 18 pts
With respondents who “like OH HENRY! Sponsorship of games”
+ 13.3 pts
Lift "fit as a game sponsor"

pts = points

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