GumGum Verity & JW Player drive purchase data for a MediaCom advertiser

VerityTM Video PMPs
The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai


MediaCom wanted to increase a CPG advertiser’s offline sales and its ad effectiveness with video partners, all while abiding by brand safety mandates and reach/efficiency goals.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai
The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

Methodology & Strategy

JW Player applied relevant GumGum Verity™ contextual and brand safety video PMPs to three different creatives, pairing them with its proprietary real-time viewability technology.

Performance & Results

JW Player and GumGum’s Verity™ segments drove higher Total Sales Purchase Data metrics than all other PMP partners and open exchange inventory. Together, GumGum Verity™ and JW Player generated the best performance out of all partners, emphasizing that superior contextual relevance and brand safety translates to higher ad effectiveness and efficiency.

gROAS (Efficiency Index)*
~68% greater than the open exchange benchmark of 114
Brand Safety Pass Rate

* gROAS represents the gross return on advertising spend. This is the measure that was used for the Efficiency Index, which compares gROAS performance of PMP partners to the open exchange.

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