The Mindset Matrix

Contextual, Creative & Attention

GumGum offers the full Mindset Matrix™ suite; true contextual understanding, impactful creative and consumer attention measurement that optimizes marketing campaigns in real time.

Through the powerful combination of contextual, creative and attention, the Mindset Matrix™ will enable our industry to better align their digital ads with how humans think and operate to drive attention and meaningful outcomes.

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Context with Verity

Human-like Content Analysis

It’s all powered by GumGum’s accredited contextual intelligence platform, Verity™.  Verity™ scans text, image, audio and video to derive human-like understandings. These insights are used by the buy-side and sell-side for executing contextually relevant and brand suitable advertising at scale.

GumGum is the first ad tech provider to earn MRC content-level accreditation for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability across CTV, desktop and mobile web.

With contextual analysis from Verity™, we make it easier for brands, agencies and publishers to engage people in the right mindset.

Our Integrated Creative Suite


GumGum’s integrated product suite offers eye-catching creative that is built to stand out and capture users’ attention in relevant environments. Every high impact ad is contextually aligned to the consumer's mindset.


GumGum's accredited contextual technology engine, Verity™, combined with Playground xyz’s proven attention measurement and optimization solution, allows advertisers to future-proof their attribution strategies by moving past basic viewability metrics to better understand the true effectiveness of their digital campaigns.

Playground xyz pioneered the Attention Intelligence Platform, the world’s first integrated tech stack to measure and optimize towards Attention Time – how long, in seconds, an ad is actually looked at. Playground xyz does this through its AI technology that is trained and verified using real eye-tracking data. Founded six years ago in Australia, Playground xyz has expanded operations across APAC, EMEA, and the US. Demand for the platform has continued to accelerate, with Playground xyz seeing greater than 60% year-over-year revenue growth.


We create an impenetrable force where we are able to maximize both consumer experience and ad effectiveness by catching the consumer at the right time in the right digital environment and understand what is driving their attention.

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