3 Billion Consumers Are Gamers!

Let GumGum & Frameplay help you enter the Intrinsic In-Game advertising space today!

Reach the Highly Desirable Gaming Audience

Intrinsic In-Game ads give brands access to a growing and diverse audience across mobile and desktop.

The mobile gamer accounts for over 89% of all digital gamers.

A March 2022 survey from Deloitte found that 96% of millennials, 96% of Gen Zers and 89% of Gen Xers listed video games as one of their top 3 frequent activities.

81% of media buyers plan to scale up in game spending over the next year.

Gaming industry is expected to grow by 10% in 2024.

Available Offering

Frameplay’s Intrinsic In-Game ads are highly viewable dynamic advertisements that are seamlessly integrated into games as the user plays. With their network of high-quality premium games across a variety of gaming genres, your brand messaging will be placed in a contextually relevant environment. GumGum will build all creative as added value and provide standard campaign metrics.

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