Breaking Through:

Moving Beyond the Commercial Break on CTV

New Research Finds that Overlay Ads are 4x More Memorable than Video Ads

With little innovation in video ads and growing attention fatigue in pre-roll, GumGum partnered with MAGNA Media Trials to test how overlay ads can help advertisers stand out on Connected TV (CTV). Overlay ads were tested against traditional video ads for four prominent brands: Viacom, Mini, Tracfone and New Balance.

The study found that brands should consider leveraging overlay ads as an additional touchpoint when advertising on CTV: Overlay ads capture audience attention, with a lower fiscal and time investment. For more great findings, download the full study below.

Connected TV
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What's Inside

Overlay ads offer more inventory, don’t disrupt playback and can be delivered in contextually relevant environments.

The study finds that overlay ads are 4x more memorable than video ads and drive 72% more savings for advertisers.

65% of the respondents in the study feel that the frequency of ads on CTV is creeping up, making it increasingly more difficult for advertisers to capture people’s attention via traditional video ads.

A key finding of the study is that the nature of overlay ads result in a more fruitful ad experience for those most attentive, and in-market for the product.

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