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In today’s omnichannel environment, sports signage and sponsorships often generate more value on social media than they do on TV. Using computer vision, we help rights holders, sponsors and agencies measure the real media value of their sponsorship across the full spectrum of channels: social media, broadcast TV and streaming.

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The complete package

Through patented computer vision technology, we are streamlining the measurement of sports sponsorships. Our technology reduces turnaround times and produces more accurate and consistent valuations across all channels. We provide a holistic view of media valuation, including non owned and operated accounts, unlocking the value of millions of videos and images being shared by thousands of fans.

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The media valuepercentage (MVP)

Media Value Percentage is a proprietary algorithm that determines the true quality of your brand exposure.
Each logo impression, whether it’s on TV, streaming or social media, regardless of the type of placements (e.g. jersey patch, outfield fence, basket stanchion) has an MVP associated with it. We use the following six factors to evaluate your brand's MVP:


The clarity of a sponsor’s logo matters — Your MVP is increased if your logo isn’t blurry and can be seen clearly.


What’s the size of the logo relative to the entire frame? The bigger, the better your MVP!


Is your logo in front of the exposure or is it being lost in the background? The closer you are to the front positively impacts your MVP.

05Share of voice

Less is more. Your MVP will be higher when your logo doesn’t share the spotlight with other logos.


The more you see, the more you earn — your logo’s full visibility is imperative to maximizing your MVP.


The closer you are to the center of the viewer’s attention will add points to your MVP.

Valuations in action

social media valuenba leaderboard

Our leaderboard allows you to track the top 10 placements in the NBA across all teams and sponsors, empowering you to benchmark relative value with accuracy and precision. You can even toggle the settings to compare exposure across all sponsors and brands. The NBA Social Media Value Leaderboard is great for those who want to understand the impact of their sponsorship assets relative to other teams or brands on social media.

  • Team Rank by Jersey Patch

    • 1st
      >Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors
    • 2nd
      Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers
    • 3rd
      Boston Celtics Boston Celtics
    • 4th
      Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks
    • 5th
      Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers
  • Top Sponsors

    • 1st
      >Nike Nike
    • 2nd
      NBA NBA
    • 3rd
      Rakuten Rakuten
    • 4th
      Goodyear Goodyear
    • 5th
      General Electric GE
  • Top Placements

    • 1st
      Apparel Sponsor Apparel Sponsor
    • 2nd
      Jersey Patch Jersey Patch
    • 3rd
      Pole Pad Pole Pad
    • 4th
      Basket Stanchion Basket Stanchion
    • 5th
      Press Table Press Table
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some of our fans

We work with brands and teams across all major sports:

  • Mets
  • Red Wings
  • Saints
  • Pelicans
  • Glory
  • Lagardere
  • NHL
  • Eagle
  • Stadium
  • Endeavor
  • PBR
  • UFC
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Toronto Maples Leafs
  • KC
  • Browns Helmet
  • Geico
  • ISC
  • Toronto FC
  • Cloud 9
  • D.C United
  • Dodgers
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Team Solomid
  • Tempo Storm
  • Team Sky
  • Super League
  • Optic Gaming
  • 100 T

Explore the social side of sports Sponsorships

Advancements in image recognition and artificial intelligence make tracking the social value of sports signage possible, giving brands a level of transparency that wasn’t imaginable just a few years ago. Download the fast-paced guide today.

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The social side sports sponsorships

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