Target Contextually and Expand Your
Reach with Verity™

Verity™’s expertise is proven to outperform other contextual vendors

1.7x More Accurate

In a Dentsu Aegis Network study, Verity™ was 1.7x more accurate than other contextual vendors. Verity™ also achieved a 48% lower cost per click and a 41% lower cost per viewable impression than behavioral targeting.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai
The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

Full Suite of Contextual Signals

Verity™ identifies a full suite of contextual signals, allowing both the buy-side and the sell-side to truly define and implement brand safety and suitability.

Verity™ Works For:

  • Content Categories

  • Prominent Keywords

  • Sentiment

  • Threat Categories and Risks

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

Verity™ is MRC Content-Level Accredited

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

First Ad Tech Provider for Content-Level Analysis for Connected TV, Desktop and Mobile Web

The Media Rating Council (MRC) has granted GumGum's contextual intelligence technology, Verity™, content-level accreditation for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability.

Why Does this Matter?

While some contextual providers have property-level accreditation, which requires the consideration of just text signals, Verity™ has content-level accreditation, which requires the consideration of all available signals including text, imagery, audio and video.

This accreditation makes GumGum the first ad tech provider to show that our content-level contextual capabilities meet the MRC’s rigorous guidelines across CTV, desktop and mobile web environments.

Graphic showing how gumgums content-level analysis beats property -level analysis in 3 key areas - image, audio, and video

Verity™ Aligns with Industry Standards

GARM + IAB Tech Lab

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Verity™ API for Publishers

Connect to the Verity™ API to monetize and analyze your website.

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GumGum Managed Campaigns

Verity™ is provided as added-value on all Direct and Managed Programmatic campaigns.

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Pre-Bid Targeting

Implement Verity™ on programmatic campaigns at the pre-bid level in select DSPs.

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Private Marketplace Deals

Create display or video PMPs that feature Verity™ to implement in your DSP of choice.

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Maximize Your Programmatic Reach

The GumGum platform operates in over 19+ countries, reaching more than 1.1 billion unique consumers per month across its global network and processing more than 100 billion ad auctions per day. We work with the top agency leaders including Dentsu, IPG, Publicis, Omnicom, WPP and Havas, and partner with major DSPs to power and equip client campaigns with Verity™.

As GumGum continues to scale, we now work with 150 agency partners and 700 brands across 30,000+ publisher partner websites to amplify programmatic reach and drive success for our clients.

Verity™ For Pre-Bid Targeting at Scale

Verity™'s contextual expertise is available for pre-bid contextual targeting at scale, ensuring that advertisers reach users in contextually-relevant, brand-safe and brand-suitable environments.

Unlike post-bid measurement and verification solutions, Verity™, GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, classifies the page before the impression is served, allowing for more accurate and effective cookieless targeting for advertisers.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

Verity™ Extracts More Value from Video Campaigns

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

Verity™ for Video Allows for More Accuracy and Greater Scale than Other Video Solutions

Verity™ considers a robust set of all the contextual signals available, including video frame analysis, optical character recognition, audio transcription and title and description metadata at the video level. This drives significant brand KPIs such as favorability, purchase intent, consumer mindset and more.

Verity™'s ability to target at the video level ensures contextual accuracy, leading to less wasted impressions and more opportunities to scale across premium environments. Now, brands, agencies and publishers can reach people in the right moment with real-time relevance.

GumGum's Contextual is Tested and Proven by Third-Party Research

To prove the power of GumGum's contextual intelligence, we put it through independent, third-party testing across many variables including viewability, memory recall, cost effectiveness and consumer attention.

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