How GumGum's Partnership with IRIS.TV Will Disrupt the Video Advertising Status Quo

You probably saw the news that GumGum and IRIS.TV have formed a new partnership––but what, you may be wondering, does that partnership mean for marketers and other digital industry stakeholders? It means that marketers buying video ads now have access to the largest volume of contextually targetable video inventory and the most accurate contextual targeting solution together in one place.

How, exactly? That answer starts with understanding the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace. At the surface, it is a private marketplace platform that brings together DSPs, SSPs, contextual vendors, and ad servers to allow marketers to transact on contextually targetable video ad inventory across the digital video ecosystem, including OTT and CTV. Functionally, that means that IRIS.TV can deliver what is actually a new and exciting opportunity to marketers: The ability to apply their contextual advertising strategies to specific video content rather than to the pages where the videos appear.

Until IRIS.TV came along, when digital marketers were buying video inventory through their favored DSP they had no way to actually ensure alignment between video content and their ads. They may have thought otherwise when within the DSP they checked the box to apply a particular contextual provider’s data to target video ads contextually. But the fact was –– and still is for anyone not buying video ads through a contextual video PMP like IRIS.TV facilitates –– that the contextual data marketers were getting when they checked that box was only data about the webpage, not the content of the video itself.

So let’s say the page contains an article about cooking and a video about seasonal apparel, there would be little chance that a contextually relevant ad would accompany that video. A cookware brand’s pre-roll ad would be most likely to play before the seasonal apparel video. And a seasonal apparel brand’s ad, which would be ideal for that video content, would never find it, because cooking would not have been a logical contextual segment for the brand’s marketers to pursue.

What IRIS.TV has done is, for the first time, given marketers the ability to precisely align video ads with content. How precisely? Well, that depends. See, IRIS.TV’s Marketplace allows buyers to target video using contextual segments supplied by the contextual provider of their choice (assuming that provider is available on the IRIS.TV platform). And if you select the wrong data provider, your contextual targeting on videos may not be all that precise.

Luckily, GumGum is now one of the contextual data providers available through IRIS.TV. That should be exciting for media buyers, because GumGum is now the best choice available. And that’s not just a hollow boast. In head-to-head trials, our Verity content classification engine has been delivering nearly double the accuracy of other contextual intelligence solutions in the market. That’s because we’re fielding more robust machine learning technologies.

When most contextual vendors talk about their video targeting and anti-targeting tools, they’re talking about natural language processing (NLP)––analysis of the text on the page around the video, in metadata, and in the video’s audio. That’s great –– and we do that too –– but it’s not true contextual video analysis. And it is not enough to give you a contextual edge. Think about it. How much video doesn’t actually have natural language on its audio tracks? A lot. Consider, for example, the huge number of videos, especially news videos, built for workplace and mobile viewing where sound can’t be played. So now think about how many videos are left off the table when marketers buy contextual segments through other contextual intelligence providers on the IRIS.TV Marketplace?

Unlike those providers, our Verity contextual analysis engine uses computer vision (CV) – machine learning-based analysis of the actual moving images – in combination with NLP for text, metadata and audio to capture a truly comprehensive understanding of video content.

Our IRIS.TV partnership combines Verity’s industry-leading contextual intelligence -- which includes both CV and NLP -- with IRIS.TV’s content-level contextual video marketplace – which includes millions of videos across thousands of publishers – to give marketers the most useful high-performance contextually targetable video inventory available.

That makes IRIS.TV with GumGum integration the freshest new opportunity for brands to get the most out of video. Not only does it give advertisers that choose to get onboard the ability to get ahead of the competition, but it also prepares them to stay buoyant as the wave of data privacy-forward practices and policies continues to crash over our industry, tumbling the userdata-based targeting status quo.

To learn more about GumGum's partnership with IRIS.TV, click here.