GumGum Becomes the First Independent Ad Tech Provider to Earn MRC Content-Level Accreditation

July 13, 2021


Verity, GumGum’s Contextual Intelligence Solution is Now Accredited For Contextual Analysis, Brand Safety and Suitability.


Santa Monica, CA , July 13 2021 -- GumGum, a global media and contextual intelligence company, today announced that it is the first independent ad tech provider to have achieved Media Rating Council (MRC) content-level accreditation for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability. GumGum’s content-level solution, Verity, goes one step deeper than property-level analysis by incorporating all available signals (text, image, audio, and video)within an environment rather than just text. 


“GumGum is the first independent third-party to achieve MRC accreditation for content level  brand safety, which we consider an important milestone,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC.  “GumGum’s commitment to transparency and its ability to meet MRC’s rigorous Enhanced Content Level Context and Brand Safety Standards, particularly as an independent third-party provider, represents a significant step forward in the industry’s ongoing quest to better protect marketers’ digital advertising investments.”


This recognition by the MRC validates that GumGum’s proprietary contextual intelligence solution is able to consider all available signals (text, image, audio, and video) needed to give a true contextual reading. Verity’s content-level accreditation spans across desktop and mobile web for English-language content-level text/image classification and video image, and audio classification. GumGum, which has been building its own proprietary contextual APIs for over a decade, is now showing the industry what they should expect from contextual providers. 


“This accreditation makes us the only contextual provider that has shown that our content-level contextual capabilities meet the MRC’s demanding requirements. We believe accreditations like this one are critical to helping the industry drive transparency. We hope that by having a validated, transparent, and accredited contextual solution we can show the industry what they should expect and demand from their contextual providers in the future,” said Phil Schraeder, Chief Executive Officer, GumGum.


GumGum underwent a rigorous auditing process by an independent CPA firm, and a review by an MRC audit committee, to assess whether its contextual offering met the MRC’s high standards. This accreditation validates GumGum’s sophisticated technology and approach, which is powered by machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.


For over a decade, GumGum has been the leader in contextual intelligence through its Verity™ offering, which incorporates leading computer vision and natural language processing technology to help advertisers find the ideal content to place ads.

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GumGum is a global technology and media company specializing in contextual intelligence. For over a decade, we have applied our proven machine learning expertise to extract value from digital content for the advertising and sports industries. Our proprietary contextual intelligence engine uses computer vision and natural language processing technologies to scan text, images and videos when evaluating digital content. Combining our contextual advertising intelligence with proprietary high-impact ad formats, GumGum’s advertising solutions deliver industry leading efficiency, accuracy and performance.


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