Expand Your Reach With In-Game Advertising

With in-game ads, brands can harness the power of a diverse and engaged global audience to capture consumer attention.

mobile device showing a racing game with an in-game ad unit

What is Intrinsic In-Game Advertising?

Intrinsic in-game advertising is a non-intrusive ad format that seamlessly blends into the game without interrupting gameplay.

Intrinsic in-game ads feel natural to the player experience, enabling brands to have an opportunity to build a relationship with consumers by sharing the ecosystem in which they’re playing.

The digital gaming space acts just like the real world. Similar to the investments being made with out of home billboards, intrinsic in-game advertising is expanding due to the growth in gamers worldwide.

mobile device showing a city builder game with an in-game ad unit

Why In-Game Advertising?

Untapped Market
Be a First Mover

With advertisers spending the least amount of money on in-game advertising, gain market share of gamers by being a first adopter.

Preferred by Gamers
Positive Brand Perception

Most gamers have a positive reaction to seeing relevant and relatable brands advertised via non-disruptive intrinsic in-game ads.

Everyone is Gaming
Expand Your Reach

Leverage the 3 billion strong (and growing) gaming audience to target new audiences and expand your reach.

Brand Safe Games
Protect Your Brand

Gaming is a brand safe environment by nature and each game in Frameplay’s network is hand selected by the business development team.

Reach the Highly Desirable Gaming Audience

Intrinsic In-Game ads give brands access to a growing and diverse audience across mobile and desktop.

3 Billion
There are currently 3 billion gamers and that number is only expected to grow. You might be missing out on reaching your target audience by not adding gaming into your media mix
34.1% of gamers questioned say that Intrinsic is the most effective In-Game Ad type at making them take action, making it the leading industry format
Increase in total players CAGR
between 2015 - 2023
13.7 point
On a recent campaign, Johnsonville
saw a 13.7 point purchase intent lift

Video Series: How to Unlock In-Game Advertising

Get a Foundational Understanding of In-Game Advertising: Reaching Your Audience, Different Ad Types with this Free Video Series

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Scalable Environment

The in-game advertising market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16% between 2021 and 2025.

The smartphone / tablet sub-segment is expected to grow with the fastest CAGR of 11.9% from 2022 - 2030.

mobile device with a fishing game shown with an in-game ad unit
graphic showing a man playing a mobile game with an in-game ad unit

Preferred by Gamers

Intrinsic ads are the best at making gamers take action.

Gamers prefer intrinsic in-game ads over other types of gaming ads since they don’t interrupt their gameplay. Most gamers have a positive reaction to seeing relevant and relatable brands advertised in their games.

Top Brands are Succeeding
with In-Game Advertising

Instrinsic In-Game Ads Drive Purchase Intent for Johnsonville

Johnsonville leveraged GumGum’s new intrinsic in-game solution to test effectiveness of its ads in a gaming environment.

The campaign used a customized targeting tactic to successfully expand reach and drive awareness across a wide network of games.

graphic showing stats from the gumgum johnsonville case study with an in-game ad unit
graphic showing stats from the gumgum hersheys case study with an in-game ad unit

Intrinsic In-Game Ads Drive Ad Recall for Hershey’s

Hershey’s enlisted GumGum’s new intrinsic in-game solution to help drive reach and purchase intent of their iconic OH HENRY! candy bar.

The campaign utilized a customized targeting tactic to drive significant ad recall for Hershey’s across a wide network of games.

Intrinsic In-Game Advertising with GumGum

The GumGum team makes it easy to activate your in-game ad campaigns with these simple steps:

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What is in-game advertising?

In the simplest terms, in-game advertising is a type of digital advertising that displays image, video, and audio ads inside video games. Today’s in-game advertising strategies typically fall into one of three approaches: in-game (the ad is placed in the gaming environment), around the game (the ad is not in the gaming environment, but is still a part of the gaming ecosystem) and away from the game (gaming industry events, etc).  

Which in-game advertising formats are commonly used?

There are four main in-game ad formats:

• Intrinsic ads are non-disruptive ads inserted within gaming experiences natively. By natively, we mean that they might appear on in-game billboards - just like in real life.

• Interstitial ads appear during the game, interrupting the game play.

• Adjacent ads are ads that appear alongside the game.

• Audio ads play while the gamer is playing and affect audio within the game.

What are the benefits of in-game for advertisers?

With gaming as a marketing channel, advertisers have access to a diverse, global and fully engaged audience. Plus, they also get the opportunity to be first movers in a new space with limited competition. Plus, Intrinsic in-game ads are non-disruptive with seamless integration into the gaming experience and they are very effective at building brand awareness and capturing user attention.

Why do game developers incorporate in-game ads?

In-Game ads are beneficial for all of the key stakeholders in the gaming environment. With in-game advertising - everybody wins! For game developers, in-game advertising empowers them to enhance the gaming experience and generate more revenue.

What is intrinsic In-Game advertising?

Intrinsic In-Game ads appear within gaming experiences natively. By natively, we mean that they might appear on in-game billboards - just like in real life. So, when you are running through a video game as a character and you run past a billboard - that ad is delivered within the experience.

Why is Intrinsic In-Game advertising more effective than other formats?

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