A Walk Down - Contextual Lane

73% - Contextual targeting's
average increase in performance compared to behavioral targeting

49% - Number of US marketers who use contextual targeting today

31% - Brands that plan to
increase their spend on contextual advertising next year

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Contextual targeting, where ads online are targeted to people based on the context of what they’re looking at on page, is looking not just appealing but also safer. Triggered not only by the European privacy law GDPR but also increasing privacy concerns due to behavioral tracking globally, a soaring demand for personalized marketing strategies and the rise of mobile usage, contextual advertising is making a resurgence. And long gone are the days when contextual targeting was based on a simplistic reliance on a single keyword. With advances in computer vision, it’s now possible to decipher the visual content of a publisher’s page. Contextual targeting is the only targeting left.