Why Context + Creative is King in the Age of Attention

GumGum x MMA's new webinar on leveraging the power of contextual intelligence to drive consumer attention

Whether we like it or not, we are living in the ‚ÄúAttention Economy‚ÄĚ - with 90% of Americans online and most of us glued to our phones, brands are increasingly fighting for user attention in a saturated marketplace. How can marketers produce effective ads to drive sales?

In a new webinar, in partnership with MMA - Why Context + Creative is King in the Age of Attention - top industry leaders from GumGum, Lumen and Dentsu sat down for a chat about how advertisers can harness the power of attention-grabbing campaigns to drive impact and meaningful outcomes in new, innovative ways.

Rich media ads of the future will enhance user experience

Rich media ads have evolved tremendously over the last two decades - going from intrusive homepage interstitials and roadblocks to high-impact, measurable and engaging solutions to deliver brand messaging. With the rise of contextual advertising, GumGum envisions that rich media ads will enhance and add to the online user experience in our near future.

Creativity is the #1 driver when it comes to driving attention

Undoubtedly, creativity converts - in fact, high-impact creative drives 50% of a campaign's success. Rich media formats, by nature, provide a larger canvas for advertisers, allowing for more creative techniques, from interactive animations and games to immersive video experiences. By combining excellent creative, with more personalized, contextually-relevant placement, advertisers can drive the most impact and attention for their brands.

GumGum's contextual ads drive attention and brand recall

GumGum's contextual ad creative is far more noticeable, gets far more attention and drives more brand recall. The combination of high-quality ad inventory, with high-quality creative and high-quality context is what leads to authentic engagement from consumers. For example, in a new study with Lumen Research, GumGum's contextual formats had a 92% ad viewability average versus 55% for standard ads.

To view the full live recording of the webinar, watch here.


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