How Ford, Century 21, Pearle Vision and MAGNA Global Tackle a Cookie-Free World

Actionable Tips & Insights from GumGum’s Beet.TV Video Series

The next phase of digital marketing is being driven by innovation around contextual technology, dynamic ad creative and the emergence of attention measurement solutions. GumGum’s video series in partnership with Beet.TV presents the perspective of industry leaders from Ford, Century 21, Havas Group, Pearle Vision, MAGNA Global and more on how they are future-proofing their businesses. For the full videos, click here.

We’ve compiled actionable insights that you can use to tackle the cookie-free world today:

Invest in Contextual Advertising

“Being able to be dynamic is important for us, so that we can really hone in on where are you at that stage and how can we message you to help you make that decision. We’re thinking about it from a consumer view: where are you, what’s in your head, how are you shopping, and how can we be relevant in that moment.” - Marlo Skiko, US Global Head of Media, Ford Motor Company

With the death of the cookie, increase in privacy laws and the emergence of new digital environments, there has been a great resurgence of contextual advertising. At GumGum, we are combining our contextual expertise with dynamic ad creative and attention measurement solutions in a new framework, The Mindset Matrix™ to truly understand the mindset of people online and drive meaningful advertising outcomes without the need for personal data. Each is individually powerful but together they deliver the most effective, future-proof solution for advertising in a post-cookie world.

View The Mindset Matrix™ Now. 

Unlock the Consumer Mindset

“It’s not just about the content that’s on the page or video that they’re watching, but also their reaction to it. We’ve seen in data that we’ve done with the MAGNA media trials team that getting mindset right is really what delivers on that promise of right consumer, right product, right time.” - David Tucker, SVP Managing Director, MAGNA Global

Contextual advertising is much more than using keywords and metadata to determine whether a marketing message is engaging with consumers. Tap into the consumer’s mindset to understand how they are actually feeling when they watch content online. In a new study with MAGNA Media Trials, tapping into consumer mindset increased search intent by 61%. View the full study here

Focus on Attention

Consumers are spending time with a wider variety of media channels and viewing devices, challenging marketers to determine how people are paying attention to advertising. The focus on attention is moving beyond a click or something we might attribute an action to: Refine your measurement of attention and under what’s happening in the moment - where an ad meets a person - to authentically reach audiences. 

Test Responses to Ad Creative

Develop different versions of your advertising and test how the ad creative and context drive results. Creative needs to drive action - the best execution of creative is when the audience actually locks in with your message and takes the next step in the digital journey.


 Compile First-Party Data

Advance your capability to understand more about your consumers through interactions you have for them. Gathering data directly from consumers has become a bigger priority for marketers as first-party data complies with stricter privacy laws and provides a much more direct understanding of what consumers want.


Think Human to Engage Consumers

“The notion of really ‘thinking human’ gets down to: stop looking at your target audience as purely just boxes on an Excel chart or two-by-two matrix and really getting to understand them as people.” - Doug Zarkin, CMO, Pearle Vision

Post-pandemic, there has been a massive revival in brick and mortar, whether that’s in the service industry or in the advertising business, because people are really craving human interactions. Stop looking at your target audience as purely just boxes on an Excel chart or a two-by-two matrix and really get to understand them as people. Interacting with consumers face-to-face will help you unlock and mine for nuggets of information that will allow you to put a powerful communication plan into place. 


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