GumGum Verity™ is Bringing You an Accredited Content-Level Contextual Solution for Pre-bid Targeting

Verity™ is Now Available for Programmatic Campaigns Through Xandr

In a new partnership with Xandr, GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, Verity™ is now available through Xandr’s Invest DSP for pre-bid targeting, as well as through Xandr Curate for targeting via PMP deals. This integration empowers advertisers with an accredited, cookieless solution that is transparent, effective and drives results. GumGum is the first new contextual provider to be added to any DSP in years, signaling the true shift to contextual technology that is overtaking our industry today.

Through this integration, GumGum catapults its reach and scale as a major contextual player in digital advertising. GumGum now processes over 100 million pages per day and over 9 billion requests per day from Xandr alone! Through Xandr Curate, advertisers can activate Verity™ on Monetize SSP supply on almost any major DSP, while advertisers using Xandr’s Invest DSP can apply GumGum’s contextual expertise to purposefully align their ads with relevant content to drive attention and brand recall. 

Unlike post-bid measurement and verification solutions, Verity™ classifies the page before the impression is served, allowing for more accurate and effective cookieless targeting for advertisers. Verity™ is the first and only independent ad tech provider that is accredited by the MRC for content-level analysis for contextual targeting, brand safety and suitability. Find out more on Verity™'s proven contextual expertise here.

GumGum’s contextual expertise combined with Xandr’s powerful data-enabled technology platform offers key benefits to advertisers:

  • Reach people in the right moment with real time relevance and scale without any reliance on cookies.

  • Get full transparency as this integration unlocks content-level analysis on keywords, categories, threats/page safety and sentiment.

  • Skip the manual maintenance of inclusion, exclusion and keyword lists.

  • Activate with ease, with dedicated GumGum Verity™ customer support. 

If you have any questions or would like to chat, please reach out here.

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