Verity™, GumGum’s Contextual Intelligence Solution Wins Most Valuable Product by Campaign’s Tech MVP of 2021 Awards

May 28, 2021


Santa Monica, CA, May 28 2021 — GumGum, a global technology and media company today announced that it’s contextual intelligence solution Verity™ was selected as the Most Valuable Product by Campaign’s Tech MVP 2021 Awards. 


Verity™, is one of the only technology platforms of its kind to combine two key areas of artificial intelligence: computer vision (CV) with natural language processing (NLP). Together, CV and NLP create a powerful and sentient system that scans the entirety of any given web page, bringing human-like nuance to the perception of text, imagery and video.


“We are excited to see Verity selected by Campaign as the Most Valuable Product in 2021. The industry is weighing so many different options on how to deliver relevant and effective advertising without the use of personal data. Verity is the proven solution for that - giving advertisers the ability to use sophisticated contextual technology to truly understand the environment on every page and video and deliver ads that are relevant, engaging, and effective without the burden of worrying about complying to changing regulations,” said Adam Schenkel, SVP, Global Commercial Development, GumGum.


In 2020, GumGum partnered with a major holding company to conduct a study and found that GumGum’s Variety solution is 69% more accurate in identifying relevant page content more accurately than leading competitors. It also found that contextually relevant ads were 43% more neurally engaging and 2.2 times more memorable. GumGum plans to continue to conduct research that helps advertisers understand ad effectiveness when using a true contextual intelligence solution. 


GumGum was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The company works with over 100 major brands and 1200 leading publishers globally. GumGum recently received a $75 million dollar investment by  Goldman Sachs Growth to accelerate GumGum contextual intelligence offering globally. 


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About GumGum 


GumGum is a global technology and media company specializing in contextual intelligence. For over a decade, we have applied our proven machine learning expertise to extract value from digital content for the advertising and sports industries. Our proprietary contextual intelligence engine uses computer vision and natural language processing technologies to scan text, images and videos when evaluating digital content. Combining our contextual advertising intelligence with proprietary high-impact ad formats, GumGum’s advertising solutions deliver industry leading efficiency, accuracy and performance.


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