Why Contextual Solutions Matter Right Now

A chat about contextual intelligence, brand safety and why contextual solutions in video matter right now.

With cookies on their way out, and an enormous increase in video ad spending, one thing has become crystal clear to marketers: contextual video strategy is important for brands to master right now. Please check out JW Player’s webinar, Not Another Cookie Webinar: Why Contextual Video Matters Today to learn more about contextual misconceptions, brand safety and why contextual solutions in video matter today.

The Exclusionary Strategy isn’t Enough

With increasing advancement in contextual capabilities, a more nuanced approach to content targeting is now possible and effective. With over half a million websites cropping up daily, it is difficult to predict which content is coming up, and it would be shame to let some of that targetable content slip through the cracks. Exclusionary targeting is a piece of the puzzle, but it is not the whole thing.

Now is the Time for Clients to Adapt Contextual Offerings

Before cookies make an exit, now is the time for clients to build up their CRM data and for advertisers to test out different contextual offerings. Contextual intelligence analyzes text, image, audio and video to extract more data (keywords, verticals, sentiment) to build targeted campaigns to not only target users but grow future audiences.

Video is a Contextual Launch Pad

With the preparedness of contextual strategies, it is important to remove continuing misconceptions, understand how contextual targeting fits into each phase of the funnel and evaluate how brands want to align with content online.

To learn more, please watch here.

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