GumGum's Contextual Ad Formats Increase Ad Viewability & Brand Recall

New study proves the power of GumGum's contextual solutions in capturing consumer attention

This time of year, advertisers are focused on finding new shoppers and getting discovered across digital environments. Contextual advertising is the key to capturing attention and delivering an ad campaign that is effective and sticks.

But, there is an expansive and evolving digital world out there - where consumers are bombarded with brand messaging at every click, scroll and turn. How do we, as marketers, know which ads are working? And, how do we measure ad success?

graphic of ad viewability testing

One method that has been gaining traction is Attention-based measurement. Attention-based measurement uses metrics around "viewability" or the "opportunity to see an ad" to identify how long eyeballs were actually on a particular brand message.

Can Attention-based measurement provide comprehensive data about ad success? GumGum partnered with Lumen Research to put its contextual formats to the test. A robust testing methodology was developed to measure the impact of rich media ad formats against standard IAB formats.

In a real-world browsing environment, respondents were asked to read pages online, and their eye movements were recorded. Respondents then answered questions about brand awareness and recall and explained their perception of the different types of advertising they were exposed to.

measurement data for ad viewability

When comparing GumGum's contextually-targeted ads to standard IAB formats:

  • GumGum's contextually-targeted ads had a 92% ad viewability average versus 55% for standard formats.
  • GumGum's contextually-targeted ads had a viewable time of 46s while standard formats had a viewable time of 18s.
  • Rich media ads were viewed 4.8x more by respondents than standard formats.

This study proves that display ads that are contextually targeted drive greater consumer attention, providing further evidence of the need for brands to place contextual intelligence at the very heart of their digital advertising strategies.

For the full study, please click here.

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