GumGum SPARK Neuro Trailer

With advertisers increasingly turning to contextual targeting in the post-third party era, we at GumGum wanted to prove once and for all what we’ve known for over a decade: that contextually relevant messaging is a key driver of advertising success.

That’s why we reached out to SPARK Neuro, a neuroanalytics company that studies brain activity, eye-movement and physiological response to better understand how consumers relate to advertising on an emotional and attention level. Together, we designed an experiment to expose 60 participants to six different articles and track how consumers reacted to the ads on the page. In addition to measuring the brain’s electrical activity, facial movement and other physiological responses, we used a survey to learn which ads consumers remembered best. The end result? A detailed, informative study that definitively proves the impact of contextual relevance on ad performance.

Watch the Spark Neuro trailer:

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