GumGum x AcuityAds: The Potential of Context in a Cookie-less World

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While context has taken a backseat to behavioral tracking in recent years, concerns about consumer privacy and the inevitable end of third-party cookies has marketers thinking: is contextual advertising making a comeback?

GumGum CTO, Ken Weiner recently sat down to discuss GumGum's contextual intelligence technology, Verity partnership with illumin, the new advertising automation platform from AcuityAds, the potential of contextual advertising and what marketers should expect from a cookieless world. For the recording, click here [].

It is undeniable that context is everywhere: From coke cups in the hands of American Idol judges to KitchenAids in cooking shows, brands and products have always sought context. And while context has taken a backseat to behavioral tracking in recent years, concerns about consumer privacy and the inevitable end of third-party cookies has marketers thinking: is contextual advertising making a comeback? The answer is yes.

Contextual relevance and scale in a privacy-first era

With the complexity and sophistication of algorithms increasing over time, it is now possible to achieve contextual relevance and scale in the wake of a privacy revolution. With recent advancements, contextual intelligence technologies can now achieve content-level understanding  of digital content, looking at all available signals such as text, images, and audio.Deep learning systems use Neural Networks that can make human-like predictions as they consume digital data. This then helps to place brand messaging in contextually-relevant and suitable environments online.

What is GumGum VerityTM ?

VerityTM is the name of GumGum's contextual and brand suitability technology that is now available outside of the GumGum exchange platform. GumGum's contextual intelligence technology, VerityTM scans text, image, audio and video to derive human-like understandings. These insights are used by the buy-side and sell-side for executing contextually-relevant and brand suitable advertising.

This contextual intelligence powers GumGum's sophisticated contextual targeting as well as unmatched brand safety and brand suitability capabilities. The result is the delivery of more accurately targeted and in turn, more relevant, ads- helpling advertisers generate attention and engagement. This is especially powerful for today's buying climate as GumGum gives advertisers future-proof targeting solutions to keep up with the industry and regulatory changes.

To learn more about VerityTM, click here

What is illumin?

illumin is AccuityAd's automated advertising platform that allows advertisers to sequentially follow the consumer purchase journey. This platform allows marketers to gain full access to each step of the funnel to plan and activate omnichannel campaigns, providing a level of intelligence that is far more intuitive than anything that has been done before.

To check out more about illumin, click here.

GumGum x illumin

GumGum x illumin's partnership is coming in at the right time because the race to scale first-party data is on. The combination of GumGum's proven contextual intelligence solution and illumin's advertising platform will provide marketers with a first-of-its-kind digital solution that is contextually-sound and privacy-forward.

First and foremost, it will allow marketers to be better prepared for the upcoming elimination of third-party cookies. And secondly, it will give marketers access to more inventory, and thus, will provide a much more precise classification of results to aid campaign targeting. GumGum VerityTM will act as the foundation base of the advertising pyramid, with the multifaceted, omni-channel approach of illumin targeting consumers at every point of their purchasing journey.

Where is the context going next?

GumGum has been on video for quite some time, and aims to take video signals and use them to create contextual analysis and make it available to advertisers. As video URLs normally don't flow through the bidstream, it is imperative to get connected with  the publishers' content management systems and make video contextual signals available to illumin in the next phase of the partnership.

Watch the full video session here.

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