DMEXCO Event Recap: GumGum’s Take on the Next Phase of Digital Advertising

All The Top Tips on How to Navigate the Changing Landscape of Our Industry

Last week, GumGum was exhibiting on-site at DMEXCO, Europe’s leading digital marketing and technology conference held in Cologne, Germany. Here, the GumGum team met with key decision-makers and industry experts from the agency, media and tech world to truly understand and map out what is next for the progress of the digital advertising industry.

In this blog post, we will highlight the key takeaways from the event and underscore why contextual advertising is key for advertisers looking to future-proof their marketing efforts.

It goes without saying that as marketers, we are on the cusp of a rapidly evolving ad buying landscape. Every day, it’s becoming more and more difficult to reach the right consumers. Here are some of the challenges we are facing today:

  • 4000 - 10,000 ads are seen daily and fatigued consumers have stopped paying attention
  • 60% of the global web traffic will go cookie-less by 2023.
  • Over 35% of US iOS users have “Limit Ad Tracking” function turned on.
  • More than 42% of digital ads are not considered in-view (50% of an ad for at least one continuous second).

So, how are we going to leverage our ad messaging to inspire action? These challenges offer great opportunities for the digital advertising industry to adopt more effective, future-proof and privacy-forward ways to reach people online.

At DMEXCO, GumGum presented three of its initiatives to help industry leaders successfully advertise in the future.

GumGum’s Future-Proof Framework, The Mindset MatrixTM

For consumers, no two days look alike, yet advertising follows us around the internet, leveraging these past behaviors instead of meeting us in our current mindset. The future of digital advertising will focus on peoples' active frame of mind and what they are viewing and feeling in the moment.

GumGum developed The Mindset Matrix™ to support advertisers in their mission to provide value to people in digital environments. The Mindset Matrix ™ is a powerful combination of contextual understanding, engaging creative and attention metrics working in tandem to empower advertisers to captivate a person’s mindset in current and emerging digital environments - all without the need to use personal data.

Illustration of GumGum’s new framework, The Mindset MatrixTM

Let’s take a closer look at the components:


We need to maximize effectiveness by matching creative to the mindset of the consumer within a specific digital environment.


In order to catch a consumer in the right mindset to consume an ad, we need to understand the context like no one else.


To properly measure whether the consumer was in the right mindset, we must attribute our creatives and the context in which it served to performance & attention.

Each of these components is individually important, but together they deliver the most powerful results for advertisers in a post-cookie world.

To learn how The Mindset MatrixTM can boost your campaign performance, download our whitepaper below.

Download White Paper

GumGum’s First-Ever Contextual Certification Course

GumGum’s Contextual Certification Course link

GumGum launched its first-ever course on Contextual Advertising to offer educational resources, tips and insights to marketers looking to learn more about contextual and how they can leverage it to achieve greater success in their marketing campaigns. This course is part of GumGum University, a free on-demand learning platform that provides users with a foundational understanding of major topics shaping the digital advertising industry.

Enroll for Free Today

The inevitable death of the cookie, coupled with the advancement in contextual capabilities and the rise of privacy regulations, have all brought contextual targeting back to the forefront of digital advertising. Since contextual advertising leverages context, and not behavioral data, to place ads within relevant web pages online, it is not only brand safe, but also serves as a sustainable and reliable targeting strategy for marketers in the future.

GumGum’s New Contextual Guide on Navigating Advertisers in the Age of Uncertainty

The prospect of a world without third-party browser cookies has taken our industry by storm, driving meaningful investments in finding alternatives that work and will stick.

Illustration of the future of digital advertising being uncertain

But, with the introduction of so many privacy-compliant solutions, it is imperative to fully understand what will work best for each marketer’s needs. GumGum’s new contextual guide, “Navigating the Age of Uncertainty: How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Strategy” delves deep into each of these alternatives, explores the evolution of audience targeting and explains the role contextual plays in shaping the future of advertising technology.

For more great insights, please download the guide below.

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In conclusion, GumGum’s work at DMEXCO was focused on the very real and transformative changes that are dictating how advertisers are reaching consumers now, and how they will amplify their ad messaging in the future. Now more than ever, GumGum and other top leaders at the event are laying down the foundation of what is upcoming for digital advertising.

If you have any questions, please reach out here.

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