Navigating the Age of Uncertainty

How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Strategy

Digital advertising is in an age of uncertainty.

The deprecation of the cookie may have been delayed following Google’s recent Chrome update, but it still looms large on the horizon. With data privacy regulations continuing to spread globally, advertisers are under no illusion that change is coming. The prospect of a world without third party browser cookies has captivated the industry and driven meaningful investment in finding alternatives.

This guide delves deep into this new landscape, looking at the main privacy-compliant solutions that are currently available and the pros and cons of each.

Cookieless Advertising
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What's Inside

How audience targeting is evolving to meet today’s challenges

The new solutions emerging, from UID 2.0 to cohort-based methods, the benefits they offer and the potential challenges

Where audience targeting stands in relation to increasingly tough data privacy regulations

The important role of contextual targeting, how the tech is evolving and the hurdles to overcome

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