A Conversation with Director of Product, Verity™, Lane Schechter

A Breakdown of GumGum’s Contextual Intelligence Platform and What Sets it Apart From Other Tech Vendors in the Market

GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, Verity™, has recently partnered with data-enabled technology platform, Xandr, to bring a powerful, pre-bid targeting solution to the market. To break down GumGum’s contextual expertise and learn more about this partnership, we sat down with Lane Schechter, GumGum’s Director of Product for Verity™.

In the simplest terms, what is GumGum Verity™?

Verity™ is a tool that provides the “aboutness” of digital environments. It is a brand safety and content classification system that considers all available signals, be it text, imagery, audio or video within each of the environments at which we are looking.

For example, an article recapping a basketball game might feature the keyword "shooting." By analyzing all of the available signals on the page, Verity™ can identify that the webpage is talking about shooting basketballs—not shooting guns—and is safe for advertisers.

What sets Verity™ apart from other contextual intelligence technologies?

One of the most exciting aspects of Verity™ as a platform is the way in which we leverage multiple machine learning models, at scale, to perform dedicated tasks. For example, Verity™ has independent machine learning models with responsibilities like threat classification, threat detection, contextual classification, sentiment analysis, and keyword extraction. 

By having dedicated models and consideration for all available environmental signals for each of these tasks, Verity™, is able to hone in on precision and reduce the potential for undue influence from any singular keyword or phrase on the overall understanding of the digital environment. This, coupled with the performance of well-trained deep learning algorithms, allows Verity™ to truly understand and comprehend context much like you or I (humans) might. 

GumGum recently announced a partnership with Xandr, in which advertisers can apply GumGum Verity™ data via pre-bid segments to programmatic campaigns running in Xandr’s Invest DSP or via PMPs on other major DSPs through Xandr Curate. What are the benefits of applying Verity™ to programmatic campaigns within these major DSPs? 

Advertisers now have the opportunity to access and leverage the only independent ad tech provider solution that has received the Media Rating Council's (MRC) content-level accreditation for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability, across all of their programmatic campaigns, in their buying platform of choice. What this means is, for the first time, advertisers can use a contextual and brand safety provider that considers all available signals (text, imagery, audio, video) within an environment as classification inputs, when deciding which pages and videos their messaging should appear in. 

Click here to find out more on GumGum and Xandr’s new pre-bid solution.

How do you see Verity™ evolving in the future?

Ultimately, I see Verity™ becoming a cornerstone of understanding people, their mindset, and their intent, without actually needing any personal data whatsoever. Through the combination of active and continuous training of our machine learning models and introducing additional signals (e.g., content-type, content-quality) that can aid in painting an even more holistic understanding of “aboutness”, we’re building the foundation that will get us there. When we’re coupling context with compelling creative to meet people in the right place at the right time, without overstepping boundaries– everybody wins. 

Have any questions? Please reach out at verity@gumgum.com.

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