4 Reasons Why We Love Our Traders: GumGum's First-ever Trader's Appreciation Week

Celebrating, Recognizing and Amplifying the Hard Work of Programmatic Traders

In its first-ever Traders Appreciation Week, GumGum is bringing the tireless contributions of programmatic traders to the forefront. They work hard. And, they work a lot. Traders are the light that powers up digital campaigns and the fuel that keeps them going!  

Programmatic ad traders are the backbone of any digital advertising campaign. From planning, strategy and media buying to implementing and executing programmatic ad campaigns across multiple DSPs  to the day-to-day management of client campaigns and data analytics - they do it all. They are the first point of contact for optimizations and troubleshooting and the last ones responsible for pulling reporting and presenting campaign analysis in a digestible, effective way.

To celebrate our traders, we've put together a list of reasons why they are so indispensable to our industry.

Here Are Four Reasons GumGum Loves Traders:

1. Campaign Controllers

Traders are single handedly responsible for the success of the day-to-day of digital campaigns. They continuously monitor, optimize, and test for better results to ensure that campaigns are effective and successful.

2.Jack of all Trades

Programmatic traders wear many hats, from tagging, ad operations, to being inventory experts, data specialists, client service liaisons and communication leads.

3. Data Wizards

Traders are great with data, which means they are organized and have strong attention to detail. They live in data, manipulate data, make quick analytical decisions, and adjust it to make it digestible for the clients and internal teams.

4. Trade Masters

The programmatic landscape is ever-changing and programmatic ad traders keep up with it all! They are always learning and evolving and are the go-to point people for the latest media education.

Join us in celebrating programmatic traders and the many things they do to keep campaigns running effectively and efficiently! Happy Trader Appreciation Week - thanks for all you do!


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