An AI that understands the fundamental truth about content on the web. Introducing the content safety analysis engine that finds what’s relevant or what’s dangerous—in real time—before you place an ad.

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Automated ContentSafety Analysis

Our first-of-its-kind application programming interface (API) scans images, videos, audio and text—in real time—to detect contextual relevance or brand-threatening content.

Full Spectrum TargetingCapabilities

Detect the quality of online content in real time to target the good and avoid the bad.

Contextual Targeting

Reach highly engaged audiences by delivering ads tailored to brand-relevant content.

Anti Targeting

Protect brand reputation by applying the most advanced brand safety technology available to automatically detect harmful content across both imagery and text.


Instantly Activate Self-Serve Access Withour Adaptable API

No-hassle, industry standard integration is available for every type of media partner—whether you’re a brand, agency, demand-side platform or publisher. Here’s how you can work with us:

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    Data-Enhanced Exchange

    Work with our media team to run a fully-managed campaign with seamless Verity integration—at no extra cost.

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    Pre-Bid Solution

    Simply integrate Verity with your platform and it will automatically categorize contextually-relevant content or block anything threatening or unsafe.

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    Private Marketplace

    Use Verity to curate safe and unsafe content segments through your private marketplace.

Contextual Merger LogicCapabilities

Benefit from rigorously trained AI technology that has been developed with over ten years of natural language processing and computer vision expertise.

Audio and Text

Analyzes sentence-level transcriptions of any audio or video content on the web to create classifications based on positive and negative keywords.


Image and Video

Trained to detect 600+ objects, faces and scenes that appear throughout videos or images to generate safe or non-safe segments and places timestamps to indicate when relevant or risky video content may appear.


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