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Verity makes contextual classification
and safety management simple.

At GumGum, we know you want to be more strategic with your data. Whether that means expanding your available contextual categories or identifying potential brand safety concerns, you need comprehensive insights across each and every page. But gaining those insights can be a frustrating and expensive challenge.

Leveraging GumGum’s 10+ years of visual recognition expertise, Verity’s image and natural language comprehension enable it to “see” and “understand” content and context, where competitors only utilize rudimentary text and metadata search. Indeed, Verity is the only contextual analysis solution on the market that can do things like identify automotive logos and vehicles for the purpose of contextual targeting or recognize hate symbols to ensure brand-safe advertising.



  • More Than Just Keywords

    More Than JustKeywords

    With machine learning that automates the process of analyzing text, images, video and audio, Verity goes beyond keywords to deliver more complete contextual classifications and brand safety insights.

  • Aligned with Industry Standards

    Aligned with IndustryStandards

    Compliant with The 4A’s Advertising Assurance Brand Safety Framework and featuring both IAB Content Taxonomy v1.0 and v2.0, Verity ensures that you’re proactively measuring against industry standards.

  • Easy Integration for Actionable Insights

    Easy Integration forActionable Insights

    Verity makes it easy to act on the insights you need to ensure partner safety and expand contextual categories for increased revenue. See our Integration Guide for details. We’re here to make sure Verity meets your business needs.

Partners and Accreditations

  • iab
  • pk-4s


  • Contextual Classification & Targeting

    Contextual Classification& Targeting

    Identifies and scores content for contextual classification categories based on standard IAB Content Taxonomy v1.0 and v2.0, as well as GumGum’s own event taxonomy which includes categories for major seasonal events like holidays and sporting competitions.

  • Brand Safety & Suitability

    Brand Safety& Suitability

    Diagnoses and calculates brand safety threats based on GumGum’s proprietary threat classification taxonomy and in compliance with The 4A’s Advertising Assurance Brand Safety Framework.

  • Sentiment Evaluation


    Analyzes the attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed online to provide the most nuanced brand safety and contextual insights.

Machine Learning Capabilities

  • Content Classification
  • Keyword Detection
  • Named Entity Detection
  • Major Event Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Sentiment Classification
  • Threat Classification
  • Hate Logo Detection
  • Scene Classification

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