GumGum CEO Phil Schraeder and global marketing advisor Lisa Licht are joined by Paul Wallace, the Global VP of Commercial Products and Services for the Vice Media Group and Tara DeVeaux, the EVP/CMO at Wild Card and 3AM to chat about current brand safety trends. With more and more valuable content being blocked by large-scale keyword targeting, tune in to find out why now is the time to shift focus from brand safety to brand suitability. 


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  • Brand Safety: Hasn't Worked With copious Deny and Allow Lists and large-scale keyword blocking, the one-size-fits-all brand safety solutions simply haven’t worked. These blunt tactics undermine brand reach and limit publisher content at a time when consumers are constantly searching for important, timely and accurate news online. With marketers sacrificing scale for reputation and publisher voices being muted, we have to ask ourselves: Is this working?
  • Brand Suitability: Finds Safety in the Sensitive Brand suitability eliminates all the negative aspects of brand safety: It opens up a trove of content with expanded reach and contextual precision, it helps brands prevent demonetization of content that aligns with their stated brand purpose and it restores revenue to publishers, giving them what they need to produce content that is educational and informative.
  • Do the Work: Before you begin adopting brand suitability solutions, it is important to fill the brand aspiration gap: determine your brand values, purpose and cultural stance and then align those values with brand actions online. This will organically open up conversations about brand suitability and how best to cater to clients and their needs regarding online safety.
  • Ready for Change: The advertising agency has turned the corner and is ready to change, leading to the big question: how will agencies provide solutions for the clients? Through education. Advertisers must educate themselves about the meaning, execution and parameters of brand suitability and deliver this information to their clients. Transparency is key. Once agencies, brands and clients begin to have transparent conversations about brand suitability, they can begin to employ the best safety solutions to ensure brand success.