A comparison of contextual intelligence vendors and behavioral targeting. Digital advertising has evolved over the past decade to rely on targeting users programmatically based on previous browsing activity. We partnered with Dentsu Aegis Network to run a rigorous experimental design with four live campaigns in order to better understand the overall effectiveness of Contextual Intelligence targeting and to benchmark four of the top Contextual Intelligence vendors.

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  • Contextual Intelligence Vendor impressions cost 29% less than behaviorally targeted impressions. and GumGum Verity™ impressions cost 36% less than behaviorally targeted impressions.
  • GumGum’s Verity™’s cost per click was 48% lower than behaviorally targeted ads.
  • Verity™’s cost per viewable impression was 41% less than behaviorally targeted ads.
  • 71% of pages GumGum Verity™ selected were relevant, outperforming Contextual Intelligence vendors overall by 1.7X.