MINDSET MATTERS: Deconstructing Contextual Video

New Research Highlights the Importance of Consumer Mindset in Contextual Targeting

GumGum partnered with MAGNA Media Trials to test the impact of contextual video targeting, and identify any differences between the use of metadata only versus a contextual intelligence engine. The research proved that  that contextual targeting can achieve what other audience targeting solutions can’t: the ability to harness the consumer mindset to drive impact. 

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What's inside

  • Mindset plays the biggest role in driving action; 61% of the impact on Search Intent is driven by an individual being in the mood for the brand’s message.
  • Participants from a nationally representative panel were randomized into test and control groups
  • Contextual video targeting drives considerable metrics for brands, with brand favorability up +4%, recommendation intent up +5%, and search intent up +6%.
  • Going beyond metadata creates 12% stronger alignment between ad and video content.