Building the Marketing Organization of the Future


You’ll learn what more than 200 marketers from Fortune 500 brands have to say about the focus of their marketing organizations and what they predict the marketing organization of the future will look like.

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What's inside

  • By a wide majority, our respondents viewed the consumer (85%), data centricity (66%) and “digital first” (57%) as the defining characteristics of a great marketing organization
  • In identifying staffing challenges, we learned that consumer behavior (84%), marketing tactics (76%) and digital technology (76%) have the most impact in terms of driving organizational changes
  • 8 in 10 marketers see their digital budget increasing in 2017
  • Respondents said innovation initiatives and analytics and measurement are the top future issues they foresee in their departments
  • There’s no longer a sales funnel, and marketing needs to look end-to-end from a digital standpoint to a greater degree than anywhere else in the enterprise

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