To demonstrate just how close artificial intelligence can come to the human creative process, we devised a Turing Test. We commissioned five artists—and Pindar Van Arman’s Cloudpainter—to create a piece of art based on the same dataset, a collection of art by 20th-century American abstract expressionists. Then, we asked them to document the process, showing us their preferred tools and telling us how they came to their final work. Find the final results in the guide see which were created by man, and which by machine.

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What's inside

  • How artificial intelligence is paving the way for the future of creativity.
  • Can what an AI creates be called art? Art is more than a product, more than production. It requires inspiration, motivation and creativity.
  • The Gallery: Can you guess the AI artwork?
  • The future of AI and creative industry. For creatives laboring to meet the expectations of others, working with AI becomes less about experimentation and more about negotiation.