GumGum Harnessed the Power of Its In-Video Unit to Drive Impact and Awareness for The Trevor Project

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Powered by its accredited contextual expertise, GumGum leveraged its Connected TV (CTV) unit, In-Video, to amplify brand lift for The Trevor Project. This campaign was part of a new initiative with GumGum Gives, which aims to promote various charities in a company-wide effort and commitment to social impact.

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Methodology & Strategy

GumGum utilized the In-Video unit, a powerful CTV ad which boosts awareness through an overlay that captures audience attention via seamless integration into TV content. This created a non-disruptive viewing experience for audiences.

The campaign was a standout success and proved the effectiveness of GumGum’s In-Video CTV unit which is powered by patented server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology.

Performance & Results

GumGum’s In-Video ad for The Trevor Project significantly increased recall, with strong shifts across all audiences – most notably amongst the 18-34 age group.

Lift in Ad Recall
+31% amongst the 18-34 age group
Lift in Prompted Awareness
+30% amongst the 18-34 age group
Lift in Likelihood to Recommend
+23% amongst the 18-34 group


These results outperformed campaign benchmarks for charity-based campaigns per data collected by On Device Research - helping raise awareness and enhancing key brand perceptions for The Trevor Project.

The In-Video campaign had an exceptional impact on brand lift:

  • 2 in 3 viewers had a positive response to the creative (+8 pts above non-profit campaign benchmarks) where the ad particularly resonated among those who felt that more should be done to support the LGBTQ community (83%).
  • Amongst those who felt more should be done to support the LGBTQ community, 1 in 2 felt curious to learn more. Plus, within the same group, 4 in 5 took or intended to take action after exposure (+23 pts above non-profit campaign benchmarks).
  • 1 in 3 felt curiosity, joy and felt the organization is trustworthy.
  • Most notably, 3 in 4 took or intended to take some form of action after exposure to the ad (+16 pts above non-profit campaign benchmarks).

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