GumGum’s High-Impact Skins Unit Drove a 93.2% Viewability Rate for SAP

Desktop Skin
The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai


SAP leveraged GumGum’s high-impact Desktop Skin unit powered by its contextual intelligence platform, Verity™,  to increase brand awareness and improve brand consideration among key business decision-makers.

GumGum, along with global media agency OMD, partnered with research giants On Device Research (ODR) & Lumen Research Ltd to measure the impact of contextual advertising and attention on high impact units such as the Desktop Skin.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai
The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

Methodology & Strategy

ORD analyzed the difference between the results for a control sample (users who have not been exposed to the creative) and the target audience (users who saw the ad) to establish the impact of the campaign. Lumen Research Ltd. used eye tracking to understand the reality of the attention paid to the advertising campaign across media channels.

GumGum looked to serve the Desktop Skin across contextually relevant articles targeted toward key business decision-makers across GumGum’s premium publishers. This was the first campaign in the German market to run desktop skins utilizing GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, Verity™.

Performance & Results

SAP looked to increase brand awareness and brand consideration.  An increase in brand awareness was proven successful based on ODR results and Lumen results showed an increase in brand consideration.

Took an Action
+4 pts
Lift in
Prompted Awareness
+7 pts
Lift in Consideration of SAP
Respondents Felt
the Ad was 'Informative'
Viewability Rate
+24 pts
Lift in Those Who Were Interested in Finding Out More
+7 pts
Lift in Users Who Perceive SAP as a Trusted Brand
+5 pts
Lift in "SAP Offers the best Business Software and Solutions"

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