GumGum Drove Better Brand Perception for Lincoln Using our In-Video Unit

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Lincoln looked to GumGum’s In-Video unit to help drive awareness as part of their CTV strategy.

Illustration of GumGum x Lincoln Methodology

Methodology & Strategy

GumGum’s In-Video units capture audience attention by being integrated in the TV viewing experience in a non-intrusive manner. This unit is served in CTV & OTT environments and can be delivered in contextually-relevant environments to maximize attention, brand recall and purchase intent.

Performance & Results

Using GumGum’s In-Video unit, Lincoln was able to greatly outperform industry standards in regards to a lift in brand awareness, familiarity, favorability and purchase intent.

Lift in Familiarity
3.8x higher than the auto industry standard of 3.7% lift
Lift in Favorability
4x higher than the auto industry standard of 3.4% lift
Lift in Aided Awareness
Lift in Purchase Intent
3x higher than the auto industry standard of 1.3% lift

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