GumGum Verity™ & IRIS.TV help CTV & OTT Shine for a Jewelry Company

VerityTM Video PMPs
The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai


In the month leading up to Mother’s Day, a jewelry company wanted to run a CTV & OTT campaign to increase awareness during this key sales period. It partnered with Havas Media Group to generate a video completion rate (VCR) of 90%.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai
The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

Methodology & Strategy

GumGum Verity™ and IRIS.TV worked together to drive a strong VCR metric by utilizing Verity™ Video PMPs to target contextually relevant videos related to fashion, parenting, shopping, and more. In addition to targeting these IAB contexts, the Verity™ team created a custom Mother’s Day segment for this advertiser.

Performance & Results

Together, GumGum and IRIS.TV exceeded the client's goal. Additionally, the Verity™ Video PMP campaign outperformed the advertiser’s two other CTV providers, achieving a higher VCR than both and a lower CPM than one. The campaign's results highlight that superior contextual relevance translates to stronger ad performance.


The experience working with Verity™ was great. We were easily able to have GumGum apply this contextual solution on their end via PMP and satisfy our client’s Fashion & Jewelry targeting parameters as well as tapping into their preferred SSP, Magnite.

Matthew Stein

Manager, Programmatic Strategy

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