GumGum: The Leader In Contextual Relevance

This month GumGum was honored to receive the Digiday Tech Award for Best Programmatic and Display Platform.

This month GumGum was honored to receive the Digiday Tech Award for Best Programmatic and Display Platform. In a field crowded with industry leaders, we were recognized for our unique technology developed to help target audiences without employing user data, while delivering the most effective pre-bid brand safety protection available. Computer vision and natural language processing are at the heart of GumGum's offerings — and they are what make ours the ad platform trusted by a majority of Fortune 100 companies. This platform is available programmatically via TheTradeDesk, Xandr, Google DV360, DataXu, Amobee, Verizon Media, Viant and MediaMath platforms.

A partnership with GumGum's contextual ad exchange offers five key benefits:

  1. Highly viewable placements in-line with relevant images.
  2. Compatibility with your DSP for precise targeting.
  3. Integration with DSP data and measurement technologies.
  4. Proven lift in engagement and key brand metrics.
  5. Responsive design for cross-screen delivery.

What does this mean for your brand? In short: impact. GumGum's proprietary and standard ad formats appear in-line with premium editorial content, across publishers including Time, the Evening Standard, Variety, Parade, Men's Journal, Rolling Stone, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Independent, and People. Our technology finds users in environments where they are already highly engaged and attentive and delivers ads based not on their personal data but on the content they're viewing. The result is ad placements with 70 percent higher viewability, that generate seven times more engagement, and that enjoy 37 percent higher brand lift than the industry averages.

GumGum's ads are not only highly impactful-they're also highly safe. Our platform combines image recognition technology with natural language processing to scan webpages for unsafe images, then analyzes on-page text to identify objectionable words or sentiments. This technology is applied by default to all impressions purchased programmatically; you can tailor it to your brand's specific needs by applying individual keyword targeting to deals. And thanks to our integration with WhiteOps MediaGuard, GumGum pairs first-class brand safety with first-class fraud prevention. WhiteOps monitors every single impression to confirm whether or not the user is human prior to releasing a bid request; if an impression is marked as not human, GumGum will not send a bid request and will not monetize the impression.

In addition to the benefits of our pioneering AI technology, GumGum's programmatic offering includes the services of our dedicated Programmatic Solutions Managers. Each campaign is assigned a Manager to help answer questions, assist with DSP setup, and provide overall campaign management throughout the entire campaign lifecycle. In other words, GumGum's premium programmatic platform comes with individualized care and support on par with our direct managed service offering-a level of care and support that has delivered our partners more than 10 billion monthly impressions across 2,000 premium publishers.

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