Verity™ Partners with Xandr for Pre-bid Targeting

GumGum’s Contextual Data is Now Available for Programmatic Campaigns Across Major DSPs

Pre-bid Targeting with Xandr

GumGum is partnering with data-enabled technology platform Xandr to bring a powerful, pre-bid targeting solution to the market. Advertisers will now have the opportunity to test GumGum Verity™ pre-bid segments on Xandr’s Invest DSP for contextual targeting, brand safety and brand suitability protection at scale. The addition of Verity™ to Invest DSP underscores the industry’s shift toward contextual targeting as a means of serving relevant ads to users in a privacy-compliant manner.

Pre-Bid Targeting with Xandr
Effective Cookieless Targeting

Effective Cookieless Targeting

Unlike post-bid measurement and verification solutions, Verity™, GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, classifies the page before the impression is served, allowing for more accurate and effective cookieless targeting for advertisers. Verity™ is the first ad tech provider to receive content-level accreditation from the MRC for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability across CTV, desktop and mobile web environments. Find out more on Verity™’s proven contextual expertise here.

Verity™ Access with Xandr Curate

Verity™ targeting capabilities will also be available through Xandr Curate via PMP deals, allowing Verity™ data to be applied on other programmatic campaigns in almost all other major DSPs. To make your campaigns more successful with Verity™, view our one-sheet below.

Verity™ Access with Xandr Curate
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