Create people-centric experiences with contextual video targeting

Contextual video targeting empowers brands to go beyond basic demographic targeting to reach people in the right mindset on every screen. While most contextual vendors only read on-page text, GumGum's Verity™ goes much further, offering privacy-first, contextual solutions at the video level.

Three Simple Steps to Activate



To see what drives the best results for your brand, isolate for context as a first step — ensuring your ads are always targeting relevant mindsets.



Create a smart contextual or brand-suitable strategy that aligns with your campaign KPIs.



Build a high-performance campaign by selecting the right contextual segments. Plus, layer on brand safety with any segments you target.

Verity Video PMPs

Leverage Verity™ to access video-level transparency in CTV and online video for contextual targeting and brand suitability.

About Verity

GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, Verity™, fully analyzes video content, including audio, imagery and metadata, to ensure true contextual relevance and brand safety on any screen. Verity™ is the first ad tech provider to receive content-level accreditation from the MRC for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability across CTV, desktop and mobile web environments.

What You Get

More Accuracy, Less Wasted Impressions:

Targeting at the video-level ensures contextual accuracy & suitability across CTV + OLV.

Greater Scale in Premium Environments:

The only way to scale across premium environments and ensure suitability & safety for your brand.

How It Works

Ingesting Publishers’ Video Data:

Verity™ ingests video data from publishers, analyzing and classifying the content to curate contextual segments that feature relevant, brand-safe inventory.

Simple DSP Activation:

Activation is easy; target contextual and brand-safe video with Verity™-enabled PMPs from your DSP of choice.

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