Programmatic Solutions to Support Your Campaign Objectives

Our Programmatic Advertising platform will boost your ad performance with proven contextual expertise, brand-safe targeting and high-impact units that stand out and capture the attention of your audiences.

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Maximizing Success for Your Ad Messaging

GumGum’s Programmatic Solutions

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Verity™ Programmatic Solution*

Use Verity™, an accredited contextual intelligence platform, to power your contextual targeting, brand safety and brand suitability strategy.

Apply Verity™ at the pre-bid level in select DSPs or via private marketplace (PMP) deals across your DSP(s) of choice for display, online video (OLV) and connected TV (CTV) advertising.

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Managed Programmatic Solution*

Leverage GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, VerityTM to activate high-impact, captivating ad solutions in a custom, brand-safe PMP across 10+ top DSPs.

Gain access to a dedicated team that will help with avails, setup and troubleshooting throughout your campaign.

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Leverage our industry’s first 100% brand safe ad exchange and keep your ads protected with a base layer of Verity™'s brand safety application.

Gain access to exclusive inventory in premium supply and ensure your ads appear in suitable environments.

Benefits of GumGum’s Programmatic Solutions

Power your campaigns with leading contextual intelligence technology and engaging ad formats across all screens in a premium publisher network

Proprietary Technology

Verity™, the most sophisticated contextual intelligence for cookieless targeting and brand safety.

Quality Inventory

Quality inventory across thousands of trusted publisher sites.

Eye-Catching Ad Products

Ad products built to stand out, and garner attention.

High-Impact Creative that Converts for Clients

GumGum’s integrated product suite offers eye-catching creative that is built to stand out and capture users’ attention in relevant environments. Every high-impact ad is contextually aligned to the consumer's mindset.

We Drive Value for our Partners

Amplify Your Brand Success with GumGum’s Programmatic Solutions

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*Solutions Powered by Contextual Intelligence