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Verity applies machine learning techniques to the text and imagery on web pages in order to identify contextual ad targeting inventory and brand safety threats. It then delivers content-level data that help publishers, DSPs and advertisers place ads in safe and relevant contexts.

A multi-modal integrated AI solution, Verity holds a unique advantage over competing contextual analysis products. Rather than simply flagging keywords, it employs natural language processing and computer vision to “read” onsite copy and “see” images. Verity detects the quality of online content with human-like accuracy to avoid the bad and target the good.

Verity—context you can count on.

What Is “Content-Level” Granularity?

Other third-party ad verification solutions provide what is termed “property-level” analysis––that is, they only consider text information broadly associated with domain, site, URL or mobile applications as a whole. Verity is the only solution that offers “content-level” analysis, which means that it examines every piece of content—text, images, audio and even video—that appears on a given property. As such, Verity’s “content-level” insights bring unrivaled granularity to contextual targeting and brand safety measurement.


  • Contextual Classification & Targeting

    Contextual Classification

    Identifies and scores content for contextual classification categories based on standard IAB Content Taxonomy v1.0 and v2.0, as well as GumGum’s own event taxonomy which includes categories for major seasonal events like holidays and sporting competitions.

  • Brand Safety & Suitability

    Brand Safety
    & Suitability

    Diagnoses and calculates brand safety threats based on GumGum’s proprietary threat classification taxonomy and in compliance with The 4A’s Advertising Assurance Brand Safety Framework.

  • Sentiment Evaluation


    Analyzes the attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed online to provide the most nuanced brand safety and contextual insights.

Partners and Accreditations

  • iab
  • pk-4s

Machine Learning Capabilities

  • Threat Classification
  • Hate Logo Detection
  • Scene Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Sentiment Classification
  • Content Classification
  • Keyword Detection
  • Named Entity Detection
  • Major Event Classification
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