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Brand Safety and Contextual Classification Technology Made Easy

Verity applies machine learning techniques to the text and imagery on web pages in order to identify contextual ad targeting inventory and brand safety threats. It then delivers content-level data that help publishers, DSPs and advertisers place ads in safe and relevant contexts.

Using multi-modal integration of image recognition and natural language comprehension, Verity benefits from a unique advantage over competing contextual analysis products.

It employs natural language processing to “read” onsite copy. What that means is that Verity isn't simply flagging unsafe or contextually relevant keywords but is actually conducting a nuanced sentence- and paragraph-level analysis of the whole text to understand its meaning and intent.

Verity is also the only tool to apply true computer vision, a form of artificial intelligence that “sees” images much like we do. Unlike other visual content analysis tools, which simply run keyword search on the metadata and audio transcripts associated with online images and videos, Verity actually looks at the images to identify thousands of objects and scenes.

Get started today to see Verity detect the quality of online content to target the good and avoid the bad. Verity—context you can count on.

Brand Safety and Contextual Classification Technology Made Easy

How It Works

Brand Safety and Contextual Classification Technology Made Easy

Partners and Accreditations

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What Is Content-Level Granularity?

Third-party ad verification “property level” functions are commonly focused on domain, site, URL or application level information as a whole. However, for context and brand safety guidance be put in place that accounts for ad serving within content—as well as to URLs or mobile applications whereby property level classifications may not completely or directly correlate with specific pieces of content present—the measurement depth must extend beyond keyword analysis to the “content level” and include consideration of images, video, text and audio.

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  • Brand Safety
    Brand Safety
    Protect brand reputation by applying the most advanced brand safety technology available to automatically detect harmful content across both imagery and text.

    Verity identifies and scores brand safety threats according to GumGum's threat classification taxonomy and complies with the 4A’s Advertising Assurance Brand Safety Framework.

  • Contextual Classification
    Contextual Classification
    Reach highly engaged audiences by delivering ads tailored to brand-relevant content.

    Verity detects and curates contextual classification categories. Including standard IAB Content Taxonomy v1.0 and v2.0 and GumGum event categories that recognize major seasonal events such as holidays or the Olympics.

  • Simple Integration
    Simple Integration
    Our first-of-its-kind application programming interface (API) is a no-hassle, industry-standard integration available for every type of media partner — whether you’re a brand, agency, demand-side platform or publisher.

    Verity integrates easily with a variety of platforms via a RESTful API. See our Integration Guide for more details on how to activate your access.

Machine Learning Capabilities

  • Threat Classification
  • Hate Logo Detection
  • Object Classification
  • Scene Classification
  • Object Detection
  • IAB Content Taxonomy
  • Keyword Detection
  • GumGum Event Taxonomy
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Supports 17 Languages