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Real-time AnalyticsCustomized for You

Our premium Media Value Center features offers a complete suite of sports sponsorship analytics to help you achieve your campaign goals—including custom collections, near real-time insights, campaign highlights and much, much more.

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The Highlights:

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customizable campaign tracking

Collections allows users to group custom datasets from posts, platforms, highlights and hashtags. This means you can view and build bespoke reports analyzing the exact content and data you require.

Collections lets you build bespoke reports to get hands-on analysis of data that matters to you, pulling in datasets from your posts, platforms, highlights and hashtags. .

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Some Moments Deserve to Be Captured

Our Moments service helps you identify the key moments during a season that have a significant sponsorship exposure impact. Our full service account team will be on hand to highlight the sponsorship exposure of your top-performing brand messages.

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Play-by-Play Analysis With Post-Level Insights

Post-Level Insights lets you chart the play-by-play analysis of your sponsorship media value on a post-by-post basis. Whether you’re after post engagement, impressions or overall media value, Post-Level Insights assesses the performance of each post.

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Dream Team Dashboards

Get your key players into the action with unlimited client accounts offering detailed reports and team dashboard access.

mvc premium features

Feature Media Value Center MVC Premium Features
Online platform access checkMVC checkMVC
Social platforms - Owned & Operated accounts checkMVC checkMVC
Social platforms - Non-Owned & Operated accounts checkMVC checkMVC
Broadcast analysis checkMVC checkMVC
Individual social media posts checkMVC checkMVC
Unlimited client accounts checkMVC
Post level insights checkMVC
Collections checkMVC
Moments checkMVC

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