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Your Pass to the UltimateAnalytics Platform

Media Value Center gives you the most comprehensive analysis of your sports sponsorships.

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Here are a fewhighlights:

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Analyze Your Owned and Operated Sponsorship Campaigns

Our dashboard is in-house monitoring made easy. Manage and optimize your owned and operated media campaigns, analyzing the performance from team, league and player social accounts.

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Track Social Data From Non-Owned and Operated Accounts

Our platform crunches the media value projections from everywhere. So you can track data from sports publications like ESPN, Bleacher Report, Twitch and other publishers sharing traditional sports, action sports and esports content.

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Access to Live Broadcast TV Analysis

Our technology measures broadcast TV and online streaming exposure using patented computer vision capabilities to give you the full picture of your sponsorship with 360-degree data at scale.

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Individual Measurement of Every Social Media Post

Stay ahead of the viral curve with a granular view of each social post. Our technology lets you measure trending topics from celebrities, star athletes, influencers and everyday fans with individual-level data.

mvc features

Feature Media Value Center MVC Premium Features
Online platform access checkMVC checkMVC
Social platforms - Owned & Operated accounts checkMVC checkMVC
Social platforms - Non-Owned & Operated accounts checkMVC checkMVC
Broadcast analysis checkMVC checkMVC
Individual social media posts checkMVC checkMVC
Unlimited client accounts checkMVC
Post level insights checkMVC
Collections checkMVC
Moments checkMVC

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