Since the heady days of 2010, $kip! has been at the top of the game. But like when Dylan went electric; Marvin Gaye asked “What’s Going On?”; or MJ first moon-walked across the stage... the game is changing. How does a pioneering artist like $kip! stay relevant in 2018? $kip! is hoping his Pre (Rockin’) Roll Tour 2018 will answer that question.

From his sell-out show at London’s Wembley Arena to his recent, more intimate “Back to My Roots” club tour, we chart the highlights of $kip!’s career, to date. Watch the videos here (just don’t $kip!).

$kip!: Rock star hero to “5-second zero”

For music fans—and video fans in general—the scene before $kip!’s emergence in 2010 was a bleak one. You would find yourself watching 30, sometimes 60 seconds of adverts before you could watch the video you actually wanted to see. But then…


He releases his debut single "$kip! It!" a “hip-hop rock out” cover of Devo’s 1980 hit "Whip It!"


The self proclaimed “King of YouTube” can seemingly do no wrong. This year alone he is watched more than 3 billion times on Psy’s record-breaking video “Gangnam Style”. Psy and $kip! become fast friends, often seen partying together at The Viper Room.


$kip! releases his long-awaited debut record, “Five Seconds Is All It Takes, Baby” to “mixed reviews”. He moves into LA’s Chateau Marmont. He’s seen falling out of a nightclub with notorious socialite Paris Hilton. Rumours of an unskippable sex tape circulate (these prove to be false). He checks into rehab.


$kip! releases his much-derided hip-hop collaboration with Kevin Federline and Soulja Boy, “The Rap Pack Is Back!” It’s the first major misstep in $kip!’s career. Soon after, he is scheduled to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice”, but his limelight-stealing antics see the show’s other “stars” get $kip! ousted before his broadcast makes the air.


After several years in the creative wilderness, $kip! returns with his latest song, “Fish Out of Water”, and a new tour, Pre (Rockin’) Roll Tour 2018. But will the audiences skip this too? With a new trend of creative and engaging In-Image 6-sec Canvas Video, the answer would seem to be: yes.